What are the different categories of fuse?

What are the different categories of fuse?

Fuses can be divided into two major categories, AC fuses, and DC fuses.

What rating should a fuse be?

For an appliance rated as 700W or less, a 3A fuse should be fitted. For appliances above 700W, a 13A fuse should be fitted….Table 1.

Conductor csa (mm2) Max current (A) Fuse rating (A)
0.75 6 5
1 10 10
1.25 13 13
1.5 15 13

What is a Class CF fuse?

Summary. The new Class CF is the first class with Peak Current Let-Through Curves in the standard. These curves cover the range of currents from 25kA to 300kA, and allow users to pick any available current they want.

How are electrical Fuses rated?

Fuses are primarily rated in terms of maximum current, but are also rated in terms of how much voltage drop they will safely withstand after interrupting a circuit. Fuses can be designed to blow fast, slow, or anywhere in between for the same maximum level of current.

What is HG fuse?

Horn gap fuse is fixed between two rods bent to form the shape of a horn facing upwards.It is also called as HG fuse in short.It is used on 11 KV side of DTC (dist tr center) for protection against overload for each phase.

What is a Class G fuse?

A UL Class G fuse is a 600/480 volts AC current limiting, fuse that is rated to interrupt a minimum of 100,000 amps. Ampere ratings range from ½ amp to 60 amps. The type G fuse meets the NEC, requirements for branch circuit, protection. The type G fuse is listed under UL 248-5, Class G and CSA Certified,.

What are Class J fuses used for?

Class J fuses are commonly used in branch circuits, motor circuits, mains, feeders, control panels, electronic motor controllers, drives, soft-starters, circuit breaker back-up, transformers, load centers, lighting, heating and general loads to name a few.

What is HT fuse?

When the HT fuse fails, lots of people think “it’s just a bad fuse…” and replace it. That’s not how fuses work though. The fact it failed indicates something needs to be addressed. That fuse is in line with the high voltage part of the circuit, and its failure is most often associated with a failing output tube.

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