What are the different types of supports used in piping systems?

What are the different types of supports used in piping systems?

The types of pipe supports include:

  • Hanger. Vertical pipe supports containing a rod are called as hangers.
  • Variable Spring Support. The variable spring support is commonly known as a variable spring hanger.
  • Rigid.
  • Rigid Hanger.
  • Anchor.
  • Axial Restraint.
  • Lateral Restraint.
  • Sway Brace.

What is hanger in piping?

A pipe support or pipe hanger is a designed element that transfer the load from a pipe to the supporting structures. The load includes the weight of the pipe proper, the content that the pipe carries, all the pipe fittings attached to pipe, and the pipe covering such as insulation.

How do you use plumbers strapping?

Correct Use

  1. Clean the Pipe. Clean the male threads at the end of the pipe with a clean rag.
  2. Line Up the Pipe and Tape. Place the end of the plumber’s tape on the second thread from the end of the pipe and hold it in place with a finger or thumb.
  3. Wrap the Tape.
  4. Keep the Tape Tight.
  5. Wrap 4-6 Times.
  6. Break the Tape.

What is plumbing strapping?

Plumber’s strapping, also called plumber’s “tape” or “hanger strap,” secures or suspends water supply lines, drain, waste and vent pipes from walls, floors and framing members. All types of plumber’s strapping are installed in the same manner; it’s easy to learn and requires only common hand and power tools.

How do you use a pipe shield on a loop hanger?

Combine with a threaded rod or other fastener to hang from the ceiling. Pipe Cradles for Loop Hangers Also known as pipe shields, these cradles provide additional support and prevent insulation from tearing when routing insulated pipe through loop hangers.

What is a clevis hanger?

A clevis hanger is a pipe attachment providing vertical adjustment, consisting of a clevis type top bolted to a formed steel bottom strap. They are recommended for the suspension of non-insulated, stationary pipe lines.

Where can I buy pipe clamps for pipe hangers and risers?

Piping Technology & Products, Inc. maintains an extensive inventory of pipe clamps required for pipe hanger and support assemblies. The pipe clamps and risers can be manufactured with galvanized or black finishes depending upon customer specifications.

What is the difference between pipe support hardware and rod hanger assemblies?

Pipe support hardware is used to assemble a pipe hanger assembly. View Product Information Rod hanger assemblies are round steel bars normally threaded used to connect other components, such as pipe support hardware, to make a pipe hanger assembly. View Product Information

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