What are the different types of troopers in Star Wars?

What are the different types of troopers in Star Wars?

Star Wars: Every Different Type Of Trooper

  • Clone Trooper: Phase 1. Appearances: Attack of the Clones, Clone Wars.
  • Advanced Recon Commando (ARC Troopers) Appearances: Clone Wars.
  • Clone Trooper Pilot.
  • Flame Trooper.
  • Biker Advanced Recon Commando.
  • Clone Cold Assault Trooper.
  • Clone Republic Commandos.
  • Clone Gunner.

How many types of stormtroopers are there?

221: How Many Stormtrooper Types Are There? 147! That’s the magic number to date of the different type of Stormtroopers, Clone Troopers, and Dark Troopers, according to Wookieepedia. A good chunk of them, of course, became “unofficial” after the Expanded Universe got shot to oblivion and became non-canon.

What is the best trooper in Star Wars?

Star Wars: Top 15 Most Skilled Clone Troopers

  • 8 Sev (Delta-07 Or RC-1207)
  • 7 Boss (Delta-38 or RC-1138)
  • 6 Cody (CC-2224)
  • 5 Alpha (ARC-17)
  • 4 Ordo (Null-11)
  • 3 Rex (CT-7567)
  • 2 X1.
  • 1 X2.

What are the brown storm troopers?

Coastal defender stormtroopers, more commonly known as shoretroopers, with those stationed on the planet Scarif referred to as Scarif stormtroopers, were a specialized variant of the Galactic Empire’s stormtroopers trained and equipped for combat in tropical environments.

What are the Red Storm Troopers?

Affiliation. Der’kal Red Stormtroopers, nicknamed Red Fury Stormtroopers, Red Stormtroopers, Fury Stormtroopers, Red troopers and Crimson Red Stormtroopers were a stormtrooper variant that served the Der’kal Empire during its war against the Federation.

What is the most elite type of stormtrooper?

Shock troopers are the elite, the best of the best. Whereas stormtroopers are in the cannon fodder, shock troopers hold the lines and make snap battle decisions. They also carry heavier weapons than their grunt counterparts.

Who is the strongest storm trooper?

Top 10 Strongest Stormtrooper Types in Star Wars

  • Storm Commando.
  • Death Troopers.
  • Heavy spacetrooper armor.
  • Range Trooper.
  • Shadow EVO Trooper.
  • Royal Guards in Star Wars.
  • Cuis Clones.
  • Shadow Guard.

What is a black stormtrooper?

The shadow stormtroopers acted as the personal stormtrooper unit of the head of Imperial Intelligence, Agent Blackhole, which earned them their moniker of “blackhole stormtroopers.” They frequently underwent special training in infiltration and ambush tactics, and were often assigned to extremely classified missions.

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