What are the dimensions for a DVD cover?

What are the dimensions for a DVD cover?

A standard DVD cover measures 184mm (7.25″) by 273mm (10.75″). Depending on your printer and paper size, it is possible to fit an entire DVD cover onto a single sheet of paper (A4, which is the standard size of paper, is more than large enough).

What is the DVD cover called?

keep case
A keep case or poly-box is a type of packaging, most commonly used with DVDs (and sometimes CDs).

What does a DVD cover include?

A DVD cover or book jacket includes: A clear title and author name. A graphic design that reflects the films/books themes. A summary of the plot without giving away the ending.

What is a DVD snapcase?

A snap case is a type of optical disc packaging, used for DVDs and CDs, also known as a paperback case, Ivy Hill Snapper, “snapper case”, or FLP case. It consists of a paperboard flap (where the cover art is printed) which is held closed by a narrow plastic strip which has a “snap” closure.

What are DVD cover templates?

Music DVD covers- The music DVD cover templates are for music albums and music videos. Photography DVD covers- The photography DVD cover templates are for photographer DVDs containing your best shots. You can also see Fax Cover Templates. > Why to go for DVD Cover Templates?

How can I make my own DVD cover?

Paper CD covers, CD and DVD sleeves, blu ray covers and cases are the best way to save space on your shelves or on your desktop. Paper DVD cases consume less space than plastic ones. Make your own DVD cover with RonyaSoft! Download the DVD cover application. It is not system-exacting.

How much space does the DVD cover application take up?

Download the DVD cover application. It is not system-exacting. The software does not need much space on your hard disk and free space to operate as other visual editors. DVD cover download is free.

Is there any free CD DVD label and cover maker?

CD DVD Label Maker software – there are no in-app purchases, neither you will need to pay for new templates. There are no limits, use templates as you need. RonyaSoft offers a free trial of CD DVD label and cover maker which provides all the features available in full version to try.

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