What are the rules of DNA replication?

What are the rules of DNA replication?

6 Basic Rules for DNA Replication | GeneticsRule # 1. Replication is a Semi-Conservative Process: Rule # 2. Replication has Direction: Rule # 3. Replication Starts off a Unique Point on Bacterial and Viral Chromosomes: Rule # 4. Replication of Both Strands Proceeds by the Addition of Nucleotide Monomers in the 5-3 Direction: Rule # 5. Rule # 6.

Which enzyme adds the primer to the DNA strand?

DNA Replication for HL StudentsQuestionAnswerWhich enzyme uncoils the DNA and separates the two strands?HelicaseWhich enzyme adds an RNA primer to both strands?RNA primaseWhich enzymes adds DNA nucleotides to each original strand?DNA polymerase III adds7

What triggers DNA replication?

The initiation of DNA replication occurs in two steps. First, a so-called initiator protein unwinds a short stretch of the DNA double helix. Then, a protein known as helicase attaches to and breaks apart the hydrogen bonds between the bases on the DNA strands, thereby pulling apart the two strands.

What is the last step in DNA replication called?


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