What are the three parts of a fragment sentence?

What are the three parts of a fragment sentence?

Remember that a sentence must have three parts: a SUBJECT, a VERB, and a COMPLETE THOUGHT. If a group of words does not have all three, then it is a FRAGMENT. A sentence fragment is a piece of a sentence that is incorrectly used as though it were a complete sentence. A.

How do you determine if a sentence is a fragment?

It does not have to rely on other parts of the sentence to get its point across because it has a clear subject and accompanying verb phrase or predicate. When the full thought is not expressed because either the subject or the verb is missing, you have a sentence fragment.

How do you use proofreading in a sentence?

Proofreading in a Sentence While proofreading her student’s paper, the English teacher corrected several spelling mistakes and added a few commas. The editor was in charge of assigning the topics to the journalists and then proofreading their articles for typos once they were written.

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