What can I do in the Navy with a psychology degree?

What can I do in the Navy with a psychology degree?

Navy psychologists can use therapy and counseling techniques, for example, including one-on-one counseling and group therapy. With the guidance of Navy psychologists, sailors can open up about their problems, develop goals for their futures, cope with their problems, and readapt to civilian life.

How do you become a Navy therapist?

You can schedule face-to-face non-medical counseling by calling a consultant at Military OneSource (800-342-9647). OCONUS/International? View calling options. If the consultant determines the service is right for you, you will be authorized for up to 12 counseling sessions.

Can you become a psychiatrist in the Navy?

To qualify for employment consideration as a Clinical Psychologist in the Navy Medical Service Corps, you must meet these basic requirements: Be a U.S. citizen currently licensed in the U.S. Be willing to serve a minimum of three years of Active Duty. Be between the ages of 18 and 41.

Why the US military can’t recruit more mental health professionals?

Low pay, fewer advancement opportunities and an excessive workload rank as the top reasons the military services fail to recruit and retain psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health providers, according to a new Defense Department report.

Does the Navy offer counseling?

Clinical counseling services are free of charge to active duty personnel and family members. If you are troubled and need someone to talk to, you do not need a referral from your command, from Tri-Care or your primary care physician. Just call your local Fleet and Family Support Center to make an appointment.

Does the Navy have therapist?

How much do military psychologists make?

This website states that the national average salary for military psychologists is $80,460, with a range between $22,000 and $154,000. It also notes that most military psychologists earn between $45,000 and $103,500.

Does the military hire mental health counselors?

Active duty military personnel, veterans and their families seek counseling help for a wide variety of mental, emotional and social needs. In many cases, a military counselor will work as part of a team that may include social workers, psychologists, medical officers, chaplains, personnel specialists, and commanders.

What does a clinical psychologist do in the Navy?

As a Clinical Psychologist and Officer in the United States Navy, you will provide clinical care to service members and their families. You will encounter a wide array of clinical conditions, including those typically encountered by a civilian provider and those unique to the military environment.

Can you be a social worker in the Navy?

Being a clinical social worker allows you to be a Navy Officer and a practicing professional in family services, case management and therapy/psychology. Mental health is of utmost importance—this career provides you with the opportunity to provide care for the Sailors who need it most.

Where can I find resources for military members with mental health problems?

The Department of Defense Deployment Health Clinical Center website provides a list of resources for service members and their families and a link to the Department of Defense Mental Health Self-Assessment Program (alcohol and mental health screening). U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs mental health resources

What is the Navy Health Professions scholarship program?

In the Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) you can receive 100% tuition assistance while completing an eligible clinical psychology education program plus a monthly stipend in excess of $2,200 to help cover living expenses for up to 36 months.

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