What cases are heard in the magistrates court wa?

What cases are heard in the magistrates court wa?

The Magistrates Court deals with civil matters that involve:

  • claims for debt or damages of up to $75,000;
  • minor claims for debt or damages up to $10,000;
  • consumer/trader claims over the sale, supply or hire of goods or services;
  • residential tenancy matters involving amounts up to $10,000; and.

What is the role of the Magistrates Court in Western Australia?

The Magistrates Court deals with both civil and criminal matters. All criminal proceedings against adults begin in this jurisdiction. Magistrates deal with the majority of criminal matters summarily (which means that minor offences can be tried without a jury).

How do I contact the magistrates court?

Although the City of London Corporation owns the building, the court’s legal functions are administered by the City of Westminster ….The Magistrates’ Court.

Telephone: 0300 303 0645
Address: 1 Queen Victoria Street London EC4N 4XY

What happens when you go to Magistrate Court?

At the Magistrates’ Court, your trial will be heard either by a District Judge or by a bench of lay Magistrates. The Magistrates or the District Judge decides on matters of law (for example whether evidence is admissible) and fact (for example have you done what the prosecution say you have done?).

Can you be sentenced in magistrates court?

If the case is to be dealt within a magistrates’ court, the defendant(s) are asked to enter a plea. If they plead guilty or are later found to be guilty, the magistrates can impose a sentence, generally of up to six months’ imprisonment for a single offence (12 months in total), or a fine of an unlimited amount.

Can the public sit in a magistrates court?

A magistrates’ court is usually open to the public. People may sit quietly and listen at the back of the court.

What sentences can a magistrates court impose?

Sentencing in magistrates’ courts Magistrates have sentencing powers that allow them to impose a range of sentences, including unlimited fines, bans, community orders and up to six months’ custody for a single offence and 12 months in total.

What happens if you plead not guilty in a magistrates court?

If you plead not guilty and your case is being tried at the Magistrates’ Court, you will return for your trial on the appointed date. The trial will proceed as follows: The prosecution will summarise the case against you. The prosecution will call their witnesses.

What happens at first appearance at magistrates court?

The Magistrates’ Court is the first step in a criminal case. The first hearing will decide whether the severity of the offence(s) requires your case to be redirected to the Crown Court. Such offences are called ‘indictable only’ (such as murder and manslaughter) and can only be heard at the Crown Court.

How does the Magistrates Court of Western Australia work?

Welcome to the Magistrates Court of Western Australia. The Magistrates Court of Western Australia has multiple registries located around the State to deal with: Civil – claims for debt or damages and non-offence based matters (eg extraordinary licence applications, dividing fences and restraining orders).

What is a civil case in the Magistrates Court?

The Magistrates Court deals with civil matters that involve: claims for the recovery of ‘real property’ up to a gross rental value of $75,000. There are a range of forms for use in all civil proceedings initiated in the Magistrates Court

How do I download a Magistrates Court fact sheet?

To download any of these, select the relevant Act, rule or regulation from the left-hand menu. A range of fact sheets are also available to guide you through civil proceedings in the Magistrates Court.

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