What channel is U2 on Sirius radio?

What channel is U2 on Sirius radio?

SiriusXM Channel 32
U2 X-Radio can be found on SiriusXM Channel 32.

What is channel 32 on Sirius?

The Bridge is on Sirius XM Radio channel 17 and Dish Network 6032. It is devoted to gold-based soft rock and adult contemporary music. The channel is programmed by Mary Sue Twohy….The Bridge (Sirius XM)

Owner Sirius XM Radio
Former frequencies Sirius XM 10 (2004-2008) Sirius XM 32 (2008-2020)
Technical information

Is iHeart Radio free?

The free iHeart app is available on over 200 platforms, including Web, iOS, Android, Alexa, automobiles and more.

What channel is Irish music on XM radio?

channel 200
XM Green: Radio Ireland (XM channel 200) is a musical tip of the cap to the true sounds of the Emerald Isle, featuring an eclectic mix from every genre of Irish Culture including traditional, celtic and contemporary releases beginning Friday, March 16 and running through Sunday, March 18.

Is there an Irish station on SiriusXM?

Celebrate with a day-long party of both contemporary and traditional Irish music, from The Pogues and Flogging Molly to The Chieftains and The Dubliners. To bring that Irish pub feeling right into the comfort of your living room (or home office, we don’t judge), tune in to SiriusXM Channel 719 now or The Spectrum (Ch.

What are the Christmas stations on Sirius XM?

What are the holiday music channels on Sirius XM?

  • ’70s/’80s Holidays (Online)
  • Acoustic Christmas (Channel 781)
  • Christmas Spirit (Channel 782)
  • Country Christmas (Channel 779)
  • Hallmark Channel Radio (Channel 777)
  • Holiday Chill-Out (Online)
  • Holiday Instrumentals (Online)
  • Holiday Pops (Channel 784)

How do I download a radio station from YouTube?

Download playlists and albums Anywhere you see a playlist or album within the YouTube Music app, tap Menu and select Download. You can also click the download arrow on the album or playlist details page.

What does U2 X-radio mean?

U2 X-Radio U2 X-Radio The Whole World of U2 Channel 32 This is U2. This is radio. This is U2 X-RADIO. Featuring the songs of a band from the Northside of Dublin.

Who is the guest on the U2 show?

Upcoming guests include civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson (‘Just Mercy’). (GUEST) PLAYS U2: Tune in to hear fellow artists and friends talk about their favorite U2 songs. First show – MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY PLAYS U2.

How did U2 become so popular?

Through a combination of zealous righteousness and post-punk experimentalism, U2 became one of the most popular rock & roll bands in the world — equally known for their sweeping sound as for their grandiose statements about politics and religion.

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