What class do jawless fish belong to?

What class do jawless fish belong to?

Agnatha are jawless fish. Lampreys and hagfish are in this class. Members of the agnatha class are probably the earliest vertebrates. Scientists have found fossils of agnathan species from the late Cambrian Period that occurred 500 million years ago.

What are the two classes of jawless fish?

There are two categories of jawless fish: hagfish and lampreys. Hagfish usually feed on dead or dying fish. These fish can be found around the tunnels they dig in muddy bottoms, in moderate depths and cold waters. Scientists only know of about 20 species of hagfish worldwide.

Is Agnatha a phylum?

Jawless fish/Phylum

What is the scientific name for jawless fishes?

Jawless fish/Scientific names

What do hagfish and lamprey have in common?

Lampreys and hagfishes have gill pouches for ventilation, connected to the external environment by numerous holes or slits on the sides of the body and back of the head. These animals have a simple, cartilaginous skeleton.

Are hagfish segmented?

Hagfishes eat dead and dying fish, small worms, and crustaceans (krus-TAY-shuns), which are animals that live in water and have a soft, segmented body covered by a hard shell, such as hermit crabs and shrimps.

What are 3 examples of jawless fish?


  • The jawless fish include the lampreys and the hagfish.
  • Jaws, fins, and stomachs are absent in the jawless fish.
  • Features of the jawless fish include a notochord, paired gill pouches, a pineal eye, and a two-chambered heart.

What are some examples of jawless fish?

Jawless fish/Lower classifications

Are hagfish and lampreys jawless fish?

Lamprey and hagfish are both jawless fishes. They are the only living members of the taxonomical class Agnatha (Greek for “no jaws”).

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