What colors go well in a log cabin?

What colors go well in a log cabin?

So to recap, the best complements to a log cabin interior include whites and saturated versions of colors such as yellow, blue, red, and green. The wood is enough of a neutral, and the addition of tans, beiges, or grays would be nothing but dreary.

How do I add color to my log cabin?

8 Steps to Add Color to a Log Home

  1. Warm It Up. Earth tones will always be a very popular choice for log home decorating, but they’ve become noticeably warmer these days.
  2. Keep It Subtle.
  3. Go for the Bold.
  4. Keep Calm and Decorate On.
  5. Mix It Up.
  6. Anchors Away.
  7. Think About You.
  8. The Don’ts of Log Home Decor.

What is the best paint to use on a log cabin?

The most common and, by extension, most popular kind of paint to use on a cabin exterior is acrylic-latex paint. Acrylic-latex paint dries quickly, looks great and better yet, provides a strong layer of protection against weather and mould wear.

Can you paint a log cabin exterior?

Choosing log cabin exterior paint colors is actually not that easy. It is because we can’t really paint the logs. Paint is meant to protect the surface underneath. Painting can prevent your stones, woods, metals, and other similar materials from rusting.

What are cabin colors?

Check out these seven different color options for your log cabin siding.

  • Canyon Red. If you would like your log cabin to have a look with a more southwest style, the Canyon Red color is perfect for you, evoking the beautiful color of a canyon.
  • Autumn Brown.
  • Cedar.
  • Sable.
  • Red Cedar.
  • Colorado Pine.
  • Barnwood Gray.

How do you lighten up a dark cabin?

10 Classic Ways to Brighten a Dark Room

  1. Lighten & Brighten. 1/12. A dark room can feel drab and uninviting.
  2. Paint the Ceiling White. 2/12.
  3. Limit Dark Colors to Accents. 3/12.
  4. Lighten Your Window Treatments. 4/12.
  5. Minimize Furniture. 5/12.
  6. Lighten Dark Floors. 6/12.
  7. Diffuse Lighting. 7/12.
  8. Use Brighter Lightbulbs. 8/12.

Can you change the color of a log cabin?

Changing a stain color is more difficult than changing a paint color! Stain gets darker with each coat that you add. If you are re-staining logs that have previously been stained a dark color it will be harder to make a new coat look evenly brushed if it’s a lighter stain.

Is it OK to paint a log cabin?

When latex or oil house paints are applied to log homes, they can damage the logs. Peeling, flaking and cracking paint makes it impossible to fix without blasting and staining. In other cases, however, the damage is more extensive. Paint layers build up over the years, sealing in moisture that causes the logs to rot.

Should you paint inside a log cabin?

It is possible to leave a summerhouse or log cabin untreated inside. The result can be natural timber on display and a somewhat authentic cabin feel. But with most summerhouses, we find it feels closer to sitting in a shed and so always recommend interior paint. Interior paint also provides protection for the wood.

Is it bad to paint a log cabin?

How do you brighten a dark log cabin?

A trick of pro designers is to whitewash the walls in order to brighten the room and make the style feel more contemporary. Whitewashing is preferred over simple white paint, as little is needed to allow the grain of the log or wood to still come through. The end result is beautifully distressed walls.

How do you paint the inside of a log cabin?

Painting Log Cabin Walls Simply mix the amount of Real Milk Paint you need for the areas you wish to cover and coat those surfaces with Real Milk Paint by using a natural bristle brush, then coat them again to get the coverage you desire. Once the walls dry, you may need to add another coat to get the perfect look.

How to add color to a log cabin exterior?

If you really want to add some colors in your log cabin exterior, it is better to use a pop of color in the trim, the doors, or the windows. Some of the pictures below also paint the roof to give some extra color. Here are some pictures of log cabin with exterior in different striking colors. You can find your inspiration below: 1.

What kind of stain do you use on a log cabin?

Brown log cabin staining and sealing. Brown stain and green paint. This close-up of these gorgeous pine logs shows off the elegant sheen of PPG® PROLUXE™ Cetol® Log & Siding wood finish in Teak. It was applied by Rudy Mendiola of The Log Doctor (www.thelogdoc.com). Escape to the mountains with this rustic yet modern cabin home.

What kind of wood is the roof of a log cabin made out of?

FYI, the roof is made out of metal. The exterior wood of this large log cabin has PPG ProLuxe Cetol Log and Siding stain in Natural Oak color. This stain product is a high-performance sealer in translucent satin wood finish.

What color should I paint my log cabinets?

Whites and saturated colors are definitely the way to go. Brightly painted furniture and fabrics make a log interior warm and happy. Ms. Terry recently had her sofa reupholstered in this happy warm yellow. This was a good choice, since she decided last year to paint her natural wood cabinetry a butter yellow in the adjoining kitchen.

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