What comedian was Mr TV?

What comedian was Mr TV?

Milton Berle
Milton Berle, original name Milton Berlinger, (born July 12, 1908, New York, New York, U.S.—died March 27, 2002, Los Angeles, California), American comedian who, as a popular entertainer in the early days of television in the United States, came to be known as “Mr. Television.”

When did Milton Berle pass away?

March 27, 2002
Milton Berle/Date of death

How old is Milton Berle?

93 years (1908–2002)
Milton Berle/Age at death

How old was George Burns?

100 years (1896–1996)
George Burns/Age at death

What happened to Milton Berle?

Berle died in his sleep at his home on Los Angeles’ Westside surrounded by his wife, Lorna, and other family members. The indefatigable comic had continued to work as he neared his 90th birthday, though he stayed offstage under doctors’ orders after suffering a mild stroke in December 1998.

Who was Milton Berle married to?

Lorna Adamsm. 1991–2002
Ruth Berlem. 1953–1989Joyce Mathewsm. 1949–1950Joyce Mathewsm. 1941–1947
Milton Berle/Spouse

Was Milton Berle married?

Milton Berle/Spouse
Berle married four times, including twice to Broadway showgirl Joyce Mathews. After their second divorce, he married Ruth Cosgrove and was with her for more than 35 years, until her death in 1989. He married his fourth wife, Lorna Adams, in 1991. His survivors include two adopted children.

Who attended Gracie Allen’s funeral?

George Burns, Ronnie Burns & Jack Benny at Gracie’s Funeral (1964) Photo galleries for sitcoms from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s and today.

What was George Burns wife’s name?

Gracie Allenm. 1926–1964
Hannah Siegalm. 1917–1921
George Burns/Wife

Is Ruth Berle still alive?

Deceased (1921–1989)
Ruth Berle/Living or Deceased

Who was Gracie Allen married to?

George Burnsm. 1926–1964
Gracie Allen/Spouse

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