What company owns Moto Guzzi?

What company owns Moto Guzzi?

Piaggio Group
Moto Guzzi/Parent organizations

Moto Guzzi endured decades of ownership changes before finally being absorbed into the giant Piaggio Group in 2004. Moto Guzzi became a niche player. It was followed by a small but passionate number of “Guzzisti.” More than 30,000 of them assembled at the Mandello factory for the 2018 Moto Guzzi World Days gathering.

Would you buy a Guzzi or a triumph V7?

My V7 was the first Moto Guzzi machine sold at that new dealership (Sturgis, SD). As for the Triumph, I would have been almost as likely to have bought a new T120 Bonneville as the Guzzi, but I have little interest in the 900 T100, only because I prefer the 1200 right now, but that could change.

How much does a Moto Guzzi V7 weigh?

Moto Guzzi initially only provided the V7’s dry weight, which tops out at 447 pounds, Cruiser reports. However, at 492 pounds with fuel and fluids, it’s still lighter than the T100, RoadRacing World reports. How do the classic-style bikes compare on features?

Is the triumph V7 a good bike?

The new-new Triumphs are wonderful bikes but throughly modern. The V7 is a heavily updated old bike. In the middle of nowhere simpler and lighter is good. Hittman and PDTX like this.

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