What country produces the most oil 2010?

What country produces the most oil 2010?

Saudi Arabia
In 2010, Saudi Arabia ranked as the world’s top oil producer….Producers.

Country Thousand barrels per day
Saudi Arabia 10,521
Russia 10,146
United States 9,688
China 4,273

What are the top 12 oil producing countries in the world?

Here are the 10 countries with the highest oil production:

  • United States (12,108)
  • Russia (10,835)
  • Saudi Arabia (9,580)
  • Iraq (4,620)
  • Canada (4,129)
  • China (3,823)
  • United Arab Emirates (3,068)
  • Kuwait (2,652)

What country was the top oil producing country in 2015?

3. Note the rise of US oil production starting about 2009 from the shale revolution which then brought the US back to the No. 1 spot by 2015 as the world’s leading oil producer again — with a commanding lead last year over Saudi Arabia’s oil production (by 24%) and Russia (by 34%).

What country produced the most oil in 2018?

Leading countries based on oil production in 2018 (in million metric tons)

Characteristic Production in million metric tons
United States 698.4
Saudi Arabia 578.3
Russia 555.8
Canada 232.5

Which region produced the most oil in 2011?

Top 5 Oil-Producing Countries In 2011

  1. Russia. Russia is the single largest oil producing country in the world, with a production of about 10,124,000 barrels per day, according to statistics compiled by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.
  2. Saudi Arabia.
  3. The United States.
  4. China.
  5. Iran.

What are the top 3 oil producing states?

Texas is the largest domestic producer of oil in the United States.

  1. Texas. It’s no surprise that Texas is the largest domestic producer of oil.
  2. North Dakota. North Dakota has been one of the fastest-growing state oil producers over the last few years.
  3. New Mexico.
  4. Oklahoma.
  5. Colorado.
  6. Alaska.

Where does America buy oil from?

The top five source countries of U.S. gross petroleum imports in 2020 were Canada, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Colombia.

Which country is the largest producer of crude oil in the world in 2020?

1. United States – 17 million barrels per day.

What country produces the most oil 2020?

The United States
The United States produced the most oil in the world in 2020, at around 16 million barrels of oil per day on average. Saudi Arabia and Russia followed as the second and third largest producers, and also rank as the top two countries with highest oil exports.

Which 2 countries use the most oil?

Oil Consumption by Country

# Country World Share
1 United States 20.3 %
2 China 13.2 %
3 India 4.6 %
4 Japan 4.1 %

How much oil did 2010 produce?

In 2010, global crude oil production stood at 86 million barrels daily.

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