What decile is Lyttelton Primary school?

What decile is Lyttelton Primary school?

decile 9
Another parent, whose child has behavioural problems, praised the school and its staff. She said the school had done everything they could to help her. “Being a decile 9 the [school] gets no help from anywhere and have no resources. There’s only so much they can do.”

What does decile mean in nz schools?

low socio-economic communities
School deciles indicate the extent the school draws their students from low socio-economic communities. We use deciles to target funding, for state and state-integrated schools, to help them overcome any barriers to learning that students from lower socio-economic communities might face.

What schools are in Christchurch?

Find schools in Christchurch City

  • Addington Te Kura Taumatua.
  • Aidanfield Christian School.
  • Akaroa Area School.
  • Allenvale Special School and Res Centre.
  • Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery.
  • Avonhead School.
  • Avonside Girls’ High School.
  • Banks Avenue School.

Is decile 10 good?

Presently schools are ranked between decile 1 and 10 – decile 1 schools draw students from lower socio-economic areas, and 10 the highest. “Crucially, the Initiative’s findings provide hard evidence that decile is not a proxy for school quality.”

What are the best schools in Christchurch?

The two top universities in Christchurch are both within the top 400 in the world – University of Canterbury, ranked joint 258th in the world (fourth in New Zealand), and satellite town Lincoln’s Lincoln University, ranked 372nd in the world.

What is the biggest high school in Christchurch?

Burnside High School
Burnside High School (Māori: Te Kura o Waimairi-iri) is a state co-educational secondary school located in the suburb of Burnside in Christchurch, New Zealand. With a roll of 2440 students, it is the largest school in New Zealand outside Auckland, and is among the country’s four largest schools.

How are school deciles calculated?

Decile ratings are based on Census data for households with school-aged children in each school’s catchment area. The data uses household measures such as income, parents on a benefit, occupation, education, and household crowding. Decile ratings are re-calculated very 5 years, after each Census.

What does top decile mean?

The decile rank acts as a comparative number that measures the performance of an asset against similar assets. For example, say an analyst is evaluating the performance of a set of mutual funds over time, a mutual fund that is ranked five on a decile scale of one to 10 means it’s in the top 50%.

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