What do the lyrics mean in Fortunate Son?

What do the lyrics mean in Fortunate Son?

The lyrics to the 1969 song reference rich people who orchestrate wars and then draft the poor to fight in them. People have criticized the musicians’ decision to play the song at a Veterans Day event. “’Fortunate Son’ is a song I wrote during the Vietnam War over 45 years ago,” Fogerty said in a statement.

What is Virginia’s theme song?

Carry Me Back to Old Virginia
“Carry Me Back to Old Virginia” was named the official state song of Virginia in 1940, during a period of intense promotion of Lost Cause ideology. The song, originally titled “Carry Me Back to Old Virginny,” was written in 1878 by famed Black minstrel composer and performer James A.

Did any member of CCR serve in Vietnam?

“I was on active duty for six months, but I was in the Reserves between 1966 and 1968,” said Fogerty. “It was pretty intense because this was right at the height of the Vietnam War,” said Fogerty. “Every young man’s clock was running pretty fast.”

Who owns Fortunate Son?

Fortunate Son

“Fortunate Son”
Label Fantasy
Songwriter(s) John Fogerty
Producer(s) John Fogerty
Creedence Clearwater Revival singles chronology

Why is CCR in Vietnam?

It’s pretty simple: “Fortunate Son” is a protest song written by a Vietnam-era veteran in support of the men who served and against the children of privilege who evaded the draft. When John Fogerty wrote the song in 1969, draft deferments were on every young man’s mind.

Is Fortunate Son anti war?

“Fortunate Son” is 100% a protest song (although Creedence frontman John Fogerty would argue, of course, that there’s nothing unpatriotic about protest). “Fortunate Son” is a strong, impassioned statement against the Vietnam War and the political establishment in late-1960s America.

Who wrote Carry Me Back to Old Virginny?

James A. BlandCarry Me Back to Old Virginny / Composer

What is Virginia State Fruit?

List of Official State Fruit

State Fruit
Utah Cherry
Vermont Apple
Washington Apple

Does John Fogerty have a son?

Shane Fogerty
Tyler Fogerty
John Fogerty/Sons

Did John Fogerty fight in Vietnam?

Fogerty received his draft notice for military service during the Vietnam War in 1966. During his time in the Army Reserve, Fogerty attended training at Fort Bragg, Fort Knox, and Fort Lee. He completed his active duty for training in July 1967, then served as a part-time reservist until being discharged in 1968.

Is Fortunate Son anti military?

Fogerty went on to explain that “Fortunate Son” is ironically an anti-war-movement anthem that criticizes privileged people who used their money and status to defer from the Vietnam War draft.

What is the state song of Virginia?

Rivers wide and forests tall, all in one Virginia. All of us, we stand together. Across our great Virginia. You’ll always be our great Virginia. Our Great Virginia was voted in as the state’s official traditional song in 2015 when the original state song was retired.

What is the meaning of the song Fortunate Son by John Lennon?

It’s pretty simple: “Fortunate Son” is a protest song written by a Vietnam-era veteran in support of the men who served and against the children of privilege who evaded the draft.

Is ‘Fortunate Son’ an anti-military song?

“Fortunate Son” is not an anti-military song. Here’s the message I got when I was a little kid and here’s the message I heard on Tuesday night: if a country’s going to risk the lives of its children in its own defense, then every citizen of that country should share that risk in some way. © Copyright 2021 Military.com.

How old was you when you first heard Fortunate Son?

I first heard “Fortunate Son” when I was six or seven years old, around the time when a lot of my extended family were returning from tours in Vietnam. I was a little kid, but even I could recognize that it was angrier and more passionate than other songs on the radio.

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