What do you believe is the most important element of civil disobedience write your response using your own words?

What do you believe is the most important element of civil disobedience write your response using your own words?

The most important element of civil disobedience is the use of nonviolence to protest against an unjust law. For such acts to be considered civil, they cannot include violent struggle.

Why does Thoreau say he went to the woods?

Thoreau goes to live in the woods because he wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life and learn what they had to teach and to discover if he had really lived. The advice that Thoreau offers to those who live in poverty is love your life and money is not the answer to live.

What is the idea of civil disobedience?

Civil disobedience can be defined as refusing to obey a law, a regulation or a power judged unjust in a peaceful manner. Civil disobedience is, therefore, a form of resistance without violence.

Why did Emerson write nature?

Emerson asserts throughout Nature the primacy of spirit over matter. Nature’s purpose is as a representation of the divine to promote human insight into the laws of the universe, and thus to bring man closer to God.

Why I went to the woods by Henry David Thoreau summary?

“Why I Went to the Woods” was written by Henry David Thoreau as a part of the book “Walden” and was inspired by an ‘experiment’ in which he constructed a small house in the woods near his residence in Massachusetts. In this chapter, Thoreau encourages us to become independent and to have a purposeful life.

Who were the Transcendentalists What influence did they have on Thoreau?

Henry David Thoreau was one of the most influential members of the transcendentalist movement. Transcendentalism was a philosophy that promoted self-reliance, intuition over logic, and independence, and was heavily influenced by the European Romantic movement and Eastern religious texts.

What was the main aim of civil disobedience movement?

The Civil Disobedience Movement aimed at complete refusal of cooperation to the British and hinder the functioning of the government. It also aimed at refusal to paying taxes, boycotting government institutions and foreign goods. However, the Congress had little success in this initiative.

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