What do you win if you win NHD?

What do you win if you win NHD?

The awards for first, second, and third place at the national level are $1000, $500, and $250, respectively. “Outstanding Entry” awards are also given to two projects from each state: one junior entry and one senior entry. There are also more than a dozen special prizes awarded worth between $250 and $10,000.

What is a documentary in NHD?

The documentary category will help you develop skills in using photographs, film, video, audio, computers, and graphic presentations. Your presentation should include primary source materials and also must be an original production. To produce a documentary, you must have access to equipment and be able to operate it.

How long does a documentary have to be for NHD?

Documentaries may not exceed 10 minutes in length, including credits. You will be allowed an additional 5 minutes to set up and 5 minutes to remove equipment.

Who created National History Day?

Dr. David Van Tassell
National History Day/Founders

How many National History Day individual documentaries won the 2020 awards?

The following six National History Day individual documentary winners received the 2020 Next Generation Angels Awards from The Better Angels Society. PLEASE NOTE: The following documentary projects are hosted on Google Drive. School email accounts may restrict your access to these documentaries.

What makes a great historical documentary?

Watch historical documentaries and write a list of what you think makes a great historical documentary. Make sure you have the necessary technology. This includes access to: editing software. Research the topic first. Examine secondary and primary sources, taking careful notes and keeping track of which source each piece of information came from.

How do you write a documentary?

1 Create a documentary notebook. Use this to write down all of your ideas and keep your research organized. 2 Make sure you have the necessary technology. This includes access to: 3 a computer, 4 a video camera, and 5 editing software. 6 Research the topic first. 7 Keep a database. 8 Create a timeline. 9 Create a budget.

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