What does a 10 100 mean?

What does a 10 100 mean?

The data speed of 10/100Mbps switch is rated for 10 or 100Mbps. When a network switch says “10/100”, it means that each port on the switch can support both 10Mbps and 100Mbps connection speeds, and will usually auto-switch depending on what’s plugged into it.

What is a code 100 for police?

Code 100 – In position to intercept Page 2 187 – Homicide 207 – Kidnapping 207A – Kidnapping attempt 211 – Armed robbery 217 – Assault w/ intent to murder 220 – Attempted rape 240 – Assault 242 – Battery 245 – Assault w/ a deadly weapon 261 – Rape 261A – Attempted rape 288 – Lewd conduct 311 – Indecent exposure 314 – …

What’s your location 10 code?

Signals by era

Signal APCO Meaning
1940 (APCO Standards Committee) Clear Speech (c. 1971) (plain language to replace Ten Codes)
10-20 What is your location? Location
10-21 Call this station by telephone. Call …
10-22 Take no further action last information. Disregard

What does a 10 99 mean?

Wanted/stolen record
10-99 = Wanted/stolen record.

Why is it called 10 100?

A googol is a 1 followed by 100 zeros (or 10100 ). It was given its whimsical name in 1937 by mathematician Edward Kasner’s young nephew, and became famous when an internet search engine, wanting to suggest that it could process a huge amount of data, named itself Google.

What is 10/100mbps network card?

If you notice the term 10/100/1000 in any networking device (network switch, NIC card etc.), meaning is that device can handle Ethernet, FastEthernet or Gigabit Ethernet.

What does code 100 mean?

A message announced over a hospital’s public address system warning of. (1) A bomb threat.

What is a signal 100?

California Vehicle Code 22108 requires all drivers to signal at least 100 feet prior to making a turn or changing lanes. 1. The section states: Any signal of intention to turn right or left shall be given continuously during the last 100 feet traveled by the vehicle before turning.

What does breaker breaker 19 mean?

“Breaker 1-9” / “Breaker, Breaker” Telling other CB users that you’d like to start a transmission on channel 19. (“One-nine” refers to channel 19, the most widely used among truck drivers).

What are the most commonly used police 10 codes?

10-00 = Officer down,all patrols respond

  • 10-0 = Caution
  • 10-1 = Reception poor
  • 10-2 = Reception good
  • 10-3 = Stop transmitting
  • 10-4 = Message received,understood
  • 10-5 = Repay message
  • 10-6 = Change channel
  • 10-7 = Out of service
  • 10-7A = Out of service,home
  • What are the codes that police use?

    Police scanner codes use the numbers 10 or 11 as a prefix. Scanner codes also use the word “code” itself, followed by an identifying number or color. Police 10-codes can vary among the different jurisdictions that use them as a way for police, ambulance and fire departments to communicate with one another,…

    What are 10 codes in law enforcement?

    Ten-codes, or 10-codes, are codes used in two-way voice radio communication as numeric code words for frequently used messages. Ten-codes are used particularly by law enforcement and in Citizen’s Band (CB) radio transmissions.

    What is a 10-11 police code?

    Police Radio 11-Codes Eleven-codes compose a system of numeric code words devised by the California Highway Patrol to describe dispatches or situations frequent to the work of the Patrol. They are also used alongside ten-codes and other voice radio protocols.

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