What does a plume kit do?

What does a plume kit do?

A plume management kit is a simple device that is attached to your existing flue kit. It is essentially an extension of the flue pipe that is used to release the plume gases out at a more convenient direction and height.

What is a plume displacement kit?

Plume displacement terminal kit including 1m extension and brackets. Affixes to an existing Baxi horizontal flue terminal to allow exhaust plume gasses to escape in a different location, to avoid windows, vents or structures. For use with the current Baxi boiler range.

What is boiler flue?

A boiler flue is a pipe that carries exhaust gases produced by a boiler outside the home and releases it into the atmosphere. Boilers burn fuels such as gas or oil to heat water, a process that creates harmful by-products such as carbon monoxide.

How long can a plume kit be?

Flue accessories, such as plume displacement kits and plume deflectors, can be used to point the pluming away from the area that it is likely to cause an issue. At current, a production Baxi, Main or Potterton system or combi boiler with a 60/100mm concentric flue fitted, can be up to a maximum length of 10m.

Why does my boiler smell?

Why Do Boilers Produce That Rotten Egg Odor? The rotten egg/sulfur odor that plagues many boilers and water heaters is caused by anaerobic bacteria, which commonly grow in the magnesium and aluminum parts of both pieces of equipment. These parts, called sacrificial anodes, need to be replaced from time to time.

Can I divert boiler flue?

Your boiler flue pipe is considered part of your boiler system and it is illegal and dangerous for anybody other than a qualified, registered engineer to make any alterations. For gas boilers, this means that your engineer must be Gas Safe registered, while for oil boilers your engineer must also be OFTEC registered.

What is a plume deflector?

Intergas Plume Deflector – The Intergas Plume Deflector is designed to divert gas plumes away from unsafe areas to a more appropriate position.

How far does a boiler flue have to be from a Neighbours?

The exact distance will depend on the size of your home but, generally, the regulations prevent a boiler flue from being situated within 30-60cm of a window or door. This is to prevent harmful gases from exiting the flue and then re-entering the property through an open door or window.

Do combi boilers need a flue?

Like other boilers, Combi boiler also need a flue to pass its steam, carbon-dioxide and carbon monoxide. The flue is connected to the main system of boiler and goes outside of the house through the roof or wall.

Can a plume kit go through a roof?

Plume Management kits used in carports The exhaust terminal can also be routed through the roof of the carport providing 25mm clearance is provided around the flue pipe to any flammable material and that it extends at least 300mm above the roof.

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