What does Argus stand for DC Comics?

What does Argus stand for DC Comics?

Advanced Research Group United Support
stands for Advanced Research Group United Support, and its core members are Amanda Waller and Lyla Michaels: A.R.G.U.S. is first seen in Arrow, where the agency has a major presence in every season.

Is Argus good or bad?

Argus is a good hero ,but you should have a good team to hold lanes. It takes a lot of matches to master him and you need to perfectly time his skills to utilize him to his utmost level. He should jungle more than anybody in that match to secure his level. He could not hold lanes solo against marksmen and cc mages.

Who is Argus in flash?

Leader(s) Advanced Research Group United Support, simply known as A.R.G.U.S., is a research group and special ops division of the United States government, charged with the task of taking down terrorist threats in secrecy and without public knowledge.

Is Roy Harper part of Argus?

Titans season 3 reveals that Roy Harper is in command of ARGUS in the Titans continuity. Roy Harper, a.k.a. Arsenal/Speedy/Red Arrow, is a regular sidekick of Green Arrow and has appeared in Arrow alongside ARGUS.

Why did Oliver work for Argus?

After killing Baron Reiter and his army, Amanda visited Oliver on Lian Yu and he realized that the true purpose of this mission was to retrieve a mystical idol for A.R.G.U.S..

Is Argus the DC version of shield?

The DC Universe’s version of shield would arguably be ARGUS. It has many of the same roles and helps the heroes on occasion, while following the law.

Does Argus have spell vamp?

Deal Physical DMG to enemies. It doesn’t trigger Physical/Magic Lifesteal but triggers Spell Vamp.

Will Cisco join arrow?

Cisco Wants To Leave Team Flash With Kamilla Unlike Cisco, Kamilla already has a head start because she’s been sending her photos to various galleries around the country. Cisco knows he wants to leave for sure, but has found it harder to get started.

Who hit Amanda Waller?

However, it is revealed in issue #15 she faked her death with the help of Deadshot, who fired a bullet at her heart, and Enchantress, who magically moved the bullet to the most reparable part of the human heart.

Why is Amanda Waller so evil?

If they disobey orders, Waller will not hesitate to kill them. Her callous mission-focused attitude and disregard for human life make her more villainous than most of the supercriminals under her control, but she is just one of the major villains in The Suicide Squad.

Why is Storm claustrophobic?

Her violent claustrophobia is established as a result of being buried under tons of rubble after that attack. She becomes a skilled thief in Cairo under the benign Achmed el-Gibar and wanders into the Serengeti as a young woman.

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