What does broadness mean?

What does broadness mean?

of being wide
Definitions of broadness. the property of being wide; having great width. synonyms: wideness. Antonyms: narrowness. the property of being narrow; having little width.

What is another word for broadness?

What is another word for broadness?

extensiveness extent
breadth girth
span thickness
wideness width
spread beam

What does Brod mean?

: any of various objects having a pointed end (such as a goad, prod, thorn, or awl) brod. transitive verb.

What do you mean by broader?

1. Wide in extent from side to side: a broad river; broad shoulders. 2. Large in expanse; spacious: a broad lawn.

What is the difference between breadth and broadness?

As nouns the difference between breadth and broadness is that breadth is the extent or measure of how broad or wide something is while broadness is the state, characteristic, or condition of being broad; breadth.

Is extensiveness a word?

EXTENSIVENESS (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is a broader team?

broader management team, definition, broader management team, meaning | English dictionary. The acquisition of a startup primarily for the team and talent, rather than for the technology or product.

Are breadth and width same?

Although the words breadth and width sound almost the same, there is a difference between the two words. If you go through the dictionary, you will notice that breadth refers to the distance from side to side of a thing. Also, width refers to the measurement or extent of something from side to side.

Is breadth and height the same?

The length of a side from bottom to top is height. The length of a side from left to right is breadth, or width.

What is comprehensiveness history?

1. So large in scope or content as to include much: a comprehensive history of the revolution. 2. Marked by or showing extensive understanding: comprehensive knowledge.

What is another word for vastness?

In this page you can discover 21 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for vastness, like: hugeness, size, grandness, enormity, expanse, enormousness, extent, immenseness, prodigiousness, stupendousness and immensity.

What does broader and narrower mean?

As adjectives the difference between broad and narrow is that broad is wide in extent or scope while narrow is having a small width; not wide; slim; slender; having opposite edges or sides that are close, especially by comparison to length or depth.

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