What does Burney Lamar do for a living?

What does Burney Lamar do for a living?

Race car driver
Motorsports racing driver
Burney Lamar/Professions

Is Nikki Taylor married?

Burney Lamarm. 2006
Matt Martinezm. 1994–1996
Niki Taylor/Spouse

How old is the model Niki Taylor?

46 years (March 5, 1975)
Niki Taylor/Age
The now 46-year-old model was just 17 when she worked with the beauty brand CoverGirl for the first time — and now, as nostalgic beauty takes its hold on the industry, in April, the brand signed Taylor once again.

Who is the Talbots model?

Niki Taylor
Niki Taylor, Ubah Hassan and Mini Anden feature in Talbots latest advertising campaign.

Where is Burney Lamar from?

West Sacramento, CA
Burney Lamar/Place of birth

Who is teyana Taylor’s biological father?

Taylor was born on December 10, 1990 to Nikki Taylor and Tito Smith, in Harlem, New York City. She is of African-American and African-Trinidadian descent. Taylor is her mother’s only child while her father has two sons and another daughter from a different relationship.

Why did Keith Urban and Niki break up?

Following the separation, Urban signed the deed to their home over to Taylor, who sold it in 2004 (via Virtual Globetrotting). Two years later, Taylor explained the cause of the breakup, noting, “His career got really busy, I got really busy, and we never saw each other.”

How old are Niki Taylor’s twin boys?

Taylor also has 16-year-old identical twin sons, Hunter and Jake, from her first marriage to former linebacker for the Miami Hooters, Matt Martinez. Despite international fame and fortune and a career, which began at the tender age of 13, Niki Taylor has overcome many obstacles in her life.

Who is Niki Taylors husband?

Niki Taylor/Husband

Who was CoverGirl 1998?

In 1998 at age 23, Niki Taylor inked a deal as the new face of CoverGirl, becoming the youngest ambassador in the brand’s history, which propelled her modeling career to new heights.

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