What does cempasuchil symbolize?

What does cempasuchil symbolize?

Marigolds. Often called “flowers of the dead,” cempasuchil, or flor de muerto, these bright orange and yellow flowers’ fragrance is said to attract souls to the altar. Their bright and cheery color also celebrate life instead of feeling bitter about death.

What is the legend behind Cempoalxochitl?

According to the codex, the flowers – known as “Cempohualxochitl” in Nahuatl – were involved in the celebrations of two Aztec feast days that commemorated the dead. Their use in these celebrations is believed to be tied to a romantic Aztec origin myth about two lovers, Xótchitl and Huitzilin.

Who are the angelitos?

1. Dia de los Angelitos. In Mexico, the first Day of the Dead, also known as the Day of Nuestros Angelitos, or little angels, refer to the dead children whose passed on spirits are the first to arrive before the adults do a day later to visit us, as they’re quicker on their feet.

What do ofrendas usually have?

Setting up our Day of the Dead altar, or Ofrenda, is my favorite part of the holiday. The Ofrenda is where you place photos of your deceased loved ones and special items that remind you of them; like their favorite foods, drinks, perfumes, flowers, anything really that brings back their memory.

What do the living families do while in the cemeteries?

When families do visit cemeteries, one of the first things they do after cleaning up is to place Day of the Dead flowers. Known in Spanish as cempasúchil and more widely known as marigolds, the scent of the flowers are thought to guide the departed back to earth and contact with their loved ones.

What does cempaspuchitl mean in English?

Cempaspuchitl is the name given to Mexican marigold flowers (Tagetes erecta). The word “cempasuchitl” comes from the Nahuatl (the language of the Aztecs) word zempoalxochitl which means twenty-flower: zempoal, meaning “twenty” and xochitl, “flower.”

What are cempasuchitl flowers used for?

Besides their ritual use during Día de Muertos celebrations, cempasuchitl blooms are edible. They are used as a dye and food coloring, and also have some medicinal uses. Taken as a tea, they are believed to alleviate digestive ailments such as stomach ache and parasites, and also some respiratory ailments.

What is the story of Xóchitl and Huitzilin?

This beautiful legend recounts the love story of two young Aztecs, Xóchitl and Huitzilin, a romance from which the cempasuchil flower was born. This wonderful love story began when the two young Aztecs were still little. They used to spend all their spare time playing and enjoying discovering their town together.

Why did the Aztecs plant cempasuchitl?

The Aztecs grew cempasuchitl and other flowers in the chinampas or “floating gardens” of Xochimilco. Their vibrant color is said to represent the sun, which in Aztec mythology guides the spirits on their way to the underworld.

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