What does Dpmne VMRO mean?

What does Dpmne VMRO mean?

Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization – Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity.

When did Bulgaria occupy Macedonia?

Occupation and partition of Kingdom of Yugoslavia in April 1941. Bulgaria occupied the central and eastern parts of Vardar Macedonia, while the westernmost part was occupied by the Kingdom of Italy. Yugoslav POWs supervised by Bulgarian soldiers and German armored car.

What does VMRO stand for?

Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organisation
Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization

Вътрешна Македонска Революционна Организация
Seal of the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organisation.
Flag of the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organisation.
Abbreviation IMRO VMRO (ВМРО)
Predecessor Internal Revolutionary Organisation

Whats the meaning of VRO?

VRO or vro may refer to: Village Reconstruction Organization, social organization active in the reconstruction of villages after natural calamities (India)

Who invaded Bulgaria?

1939-45 World War II – Soviet army invades German-occupied Bulgaria in 1944. Soviet-backed Fatherland Front takes power.


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