What does guihan mean in Chamorro?

What does guihan mean in Chamorro?

noun. fish (animal) etymology. From Proto Malayo-Polynesian hikan, meaning fish.

How do you say bad words in Chamorro?

chatfino’ | Chamorro Dictionary

entry chatfino’
meaning noun. profanity; blasphemy; cursing; swearing; foul language; foul talk. verb. to curse; to swear; to use foul language; to use offensive language.
etymology From Chamorro prefix chat- (to be deficient in, lacking) + fino’ (speech). Literally, improper speech.

What does HAGU mean in Chamorro?

hågu | Chamorro Dictionary You (emphatic) (used to address one person; subject). etymology. From Proto-Malayo-Polynesian kahu, meaning the second person, singular “you”.

What does Nengkanno mean?

nehng-kahn-noo’ meaning. noun. food; aliment; nutriment; nourishment; sustenance.

How do you say fishing in Chamorro?

eguihan | Chamorro Dictionary Go fishing; go look for fish.

What does Atrasao mean in Chamorro?

åtrasao | Chamorro Dictionary Late; tardy; not being on time.

What does Pago mean in Chamorro?

pago’ pronunciation. meaning. Irritate skin; to cause skin irritation; to kid by giving false information.

What happened to the Chamorro language in Guam?

In Guam, the language suffered additional suppression when the U.S. government banned the Chamorro language in schools in 1922. They collected and burned all Chamorro dictionaries.

What is the official language of Guam?

Official language in. Chamorro (/tʃəˈmɒroʊ/) (Chamorro: Finu’ Chamoru) is an Austronesian language spoken by about 58,000 people (about 25,800 people on Guam and about 32,200 in the Northern Mariana Islands and the rest of the United States).

How do you Say Good Morning in Chamorro?

Common Phrases in Chamorro English Chamorro Pronunciation Good morning. Buenas dias. BooEHN-as DEE-as Good afternoon. Buenas tåtdes. BooEHN-as TAWT-dis Good evening/Good night. Buenas noches. BooEHN-as NOH-tsis Hello, my name is John. Håfa adai, i na’ån-hu si John. HAW-fah ee nah-AHN-hoo see John

What is the difference between NMI Chamorros and Guamanian Chamorro?

Today, NMI Chamorros and Guamanian Chamorros disagree strongly on each other’s linguistic fluency. An NMI Chamorro would say that Guamanian Chamorros speak the language incorrectly or speak “broken Chamorro”, whereas a Guamanian Chamorro might consider the form used by NMI Chamorros to be archaic.

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