What does Hitachi Consulting do?

What does Hitachi Consulting do?

Hitachi Consulting, seeks to solve social issues, viewing not only businesses involving infrastructures such as energy, water, and transportation, but also the mechanism of public administration and services provided by operating companies, including manufacturing, logistics, and financing services, as part of the …

What happened to Hitachi Consulting?

Japanese conglomerate Hitachi has completed its merger between Hitachi Vantara and Hitachi Consulting in a move channel partners say will accelerate the adoption of the company’s IoT and data-driven solutions in the channel. The combined company will continue to be called Hitachi Vantara.

Is Hitachi Vantara and Hitachi Consulting same?

Hitachi Vantara is a data storage systems provider, previously known as Hitachi Data Systems (HDS). Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., Hitachi Vantara is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd.

Who bought Hitachi Consulting?

The integration of Hitachi Consulting into Hitachi Vantara will form a new unit with over 12,000 consultants and digital experts.

Is Hitachi Consulting a good company to work for?

Good company to work Hitachi is a company which ticks all the points. It provide competitive package, has good brand value, provides work life balance, encourages certifications, is good at providing on site opportuinities. It has very good HR policies.

Is Hitachi service based company?

The company provides value-driven services throughout the IT life cycle from systems planning to systems integration, operation and maintenance. Hitachi Solutions delivers products and services of superior value to customers worldwide through key subsidiaries in the United States, Europe, China and India.

Who is CEO of Hitachi Vantara?

Gajen Kandiah
Gajen Kandiah became chief executive officer of Hitachi Vantara in July 2020.

Who owns Hitachi Vantara?

Hitachi Data Systems Corporation/Parent organizations

Is Hitachi good for freshers?

good working for fresher and experience, claim and payments are done in time to time, gain personal and professionals level experience in that company. No negative points for that company.

Is Hitachi a good company?

First of all hitachi is outstanding all over the world of Good Quality, but the management unfair to all member in production because they are given pressure, stress and it is enough salary base on knowledge and skilled of worker.

Who is Gajen kandiah?

Gajen Kandiah became chief executive officer of Hitachi Vantara in July 2020. Gajen previously served as senior vice president and general manager of Cognizant’s Information, Media and Entertainment; Manufacturing Logistics; Consumer Goods; and Communications industry practices.

How many people work for Hitachi Vantara?

Leveraging Hitachi’s heritage of over 100 years of delivering technologies that change the world, including 119,000 worldwide patents, Hitachi Vantara has over 10,000 customers, 7,000 employees and 2,000 partners, operates in 100 countries and is trusted by 85 percent of Fortune® Global 100 companies.

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