What does huelgoat mean in French?

What does huelgoat mean in French?

high wood
Meaning ‘high wood’ in Breton, Huelgoat was once the home of a Celtic Iron Age settlement and archaeologists have uncovered the ancient Celts’ defences in the woods. Part of the Armorique Natural Regional Park, the Forêt d’Huelgoat is looked after by the French National Forest Authority.

How do I get to huelgoat?

There is no direct connection from Nearby airports to Huelgoat. However, you can take the bus to Gare Sud, take the walk to Nantes, take the train to Rennes, take the train to Morlaix, take the walk to Gare SNCF, then take the bus to Bourg.

What department is Huelgoat?


Huelgoat An Uhelgoad
Region Brittany
Department Finistère
Arrondissement Châteaulin
Canton Carhaix-Plouguer

What is the Huelgoat forest in Brittany famous for?

Huelgoat is popular with tourists and holidaymakers due to its impressive natural setting among the vestiges of the ancient forest that once covered inland Brittany. Once part of royal and ducal lands, the forest is now overseen by the French forestry commission, the National Forests Office. It has an area of 10 square kilometres.

Where is Huelgoat located?

The village of Huelgoat is a small french village located north west of France. The town of Huelgoat is located in the department of Finistère of the french region Bretagne. The town of Huelgoat is located in the township of Huelgoat part of the district of Châteaulin.

How big is the garden of a 3 bed house Huelgoat?

Splendid Old Renovated House with a Garden of 1,700m² in a Lovely Environment! 3 bed house for sale in Huelgoat. Located in a very pretty hamlet of the Monts d’Arrée, a short distance from the Moors and trekking paths, this superb property has been totally renovated, quality renovation …

What are the best boulders to climb in Huelgoat?

La Roche Tremblante is the most celebrated of Huelgoat’s boulders.Weighing in at some 100 tonnes, even a child can get it to move alittle… by finding exactly the right spot against which to lean!

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