What does irony mean example?

What does irony mean example?

The definition of irony as a literary device is a situation in which there is a contrast between expectation and reality. For example, the difference between what something appears to mean versus its literal meaning. Irony is associated with both tragedy and humor.

What is ironic about this excerpt Harrison Bergeron?

In the given excerpt from “Harrison Bergeron” the irony is that the ballerina is wearing handicaps that are supposed to conceal her beauty, grace and strength, but they actually accentuate those characteristics, which seems contradictory, so the correct answer is option D.

What word can I use instead of ironic?

In this page you can discover 75 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for ironic, like: paradoxical, humorous, unexpected, satiric, sarcastic, sincere, satirical, mocking, cynical, contradictory and incongruous.

What is apostrophe and its examples?

When using a singular noun, the apostrophe is used before the s. For example: “The squirrel’s nuts were stashed in a hollow tree.” When using a plural noun, the apostrophe goes after the s. For example: “The squirrels’ nuts were hidden in several hollow trees throughout the forest.”

What is opposite of ironic?

Antonyms: congruous, humourless, humorless, congruent, unhumorous. Synonyms: ironical, teetotal, wry, dry, juiceless.

What’s ironic about Harrison’s excessive handicaps?

What is ironic about the excessive handicaps Harrison must wear? They only make him stronger and show that he is the most superior person in society. What’s ironic about the following quote: “She must have been extraordinarily beautiful, because the mask she wore was hideous.

How does Vonnegut use irony in this excerpt the musicians?

How does Vonnegut use irony in this excerpt? The musicians are described as the opposite of what is expected. The normal music is described as the opposite of what is expected. Harrison’s actions contradict his character.

Which best describes the use of irony in this excerpt isn’t it a dandy?

Which best describes the use of irony in this excerpt? The excerpt is an example of verbal irony, as Jim tells Della to put the presents away. The excerpt is an example of dramatic irony, as the audience knows something that Jim does not.

What is apostrophe and examples?

Apostrophe – when a character in a literary work speaks to an object, an idea, or someone who doesn’t exist as if it is a living person. This is done to produce dramatic effect and to show the importance of the object or idea. Examples of Apostrophe: 1. Oh, rose, how sweet you smell and how bright you look!

How is this excerpt an example of irony handicapping?

How is this excerpt an example of irony? Handicapping intelligence contradicts expectations because intelligence is normally considered a positive attribute. Handicapping intelligence is pointless because determining whether one’s intelligence is above normal is a matter of opinion.

What type of irony is hypocrisy?

In hypocrisy, as in dramatic irony and verbal irony, there is a discrepancy between what the speaker says and the situation in which he says it. But the particular nature of this discrepancy differs among these kinds of case. Unlike verbal irony, hypocritical talk is not a figure of speech.

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