What does it mean to be dense in a relationship?

What does it mean to be dense in a relationship?

In English, if you describe someone as ‘dense’, it means that the person is ‘thick’ and ‘stupid’.

What’s the densest definition?

a. Having relatively high density. b. Crowded closely together; compact: a dense population. 2.

How can I stop being a dense person?

The best way to deal with denseness is by being kind and generous with others about it. If one is “too dense” for one’s ability to handle such, reduce your interaction with that person.

Is dense an insult?

What does it mean to be dense in personality? Someone who is “dense” is not very smart. It is rude to say, but not as rude as “stupid” or “idiot”. People use this word typically when referring to someone who is lacks common sense or does not understand new ideas quickly.

What is opposite of densely?

Opposite of in a dense or thick manner. lightly. sparsely. loosely. scatteredly.

What is the opposite of density?

Definition: the spatial property of being crowded together. Antonyms: dispersion, distribution. Definition: the spatial or geographic property of being scattered about over a range, area, or volume.

Is densely a lot?

Something that is dense contains a lot of things or people in a small area.

What is another word for densely?

What is another word for densely?

closely compactly
thickly tightly
impenetrably heavily
substantially concentratedly
opaquely smoggily

What is another word for high density?

What is another word for of high density?

dense opaque
thick heavy
impenetrable smoggy
murky soupy
concentrated condensed

What is density synonym?

Opposite of a measure of the quantity of matter contained by a unit volume. sparsity. bareness. incompactness.

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