What does JJST mean?

What does JJST mean?


Acronym Definition
JJST Jamaica Journal of Science and Technology (Scientific Research Council of Jamaica)

What does Mctl mean?


Acronym Definition
MCTL Military Critical Technologies List
MCTL Microtel International
MCTL Marine Corps Task List
MCTL Multi-Conductor Transmission Line

How do you spell gist or jist?

Gist means “essence” or “the main point.” In a legal context, gist is the grounds of a legal action. Jist is a common misspelling of gist.

What is Mctl in banking?

Finance sales and purchases of goods, inputs and services under Documentary Credit or Collection, or on an Open Account basis.

How do you pronounce jist?

Because gist is pronounced as \jist\, it is likely that people are spelling the word phonetically, which causes the confusion.

Is jist a word in Scrabble?

No, jist is not in the scrabble dictionary.

Is certificate of deposit same as fixed deposit?

There is no major difference between a certificate of deposit and a fixed deposit. They are one and the same. Fixed deposits are even referred to as CDs or time deposits by certain banks.

Is it pronounced gist or jist?

Is it jist or gist?

Is jilt a word in scrabble?

Yes, jilt is in the scrabble dictionary.


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