What does La Rochelle mean in French?

What does La Rochelle mean in French?

small rock
See La Rochelle. a female given name: from a French word meaning “small rock. ”

What does the name La Rochelle mean?

Wishlist To Cart Details. The name larochelle is derived from the Old French word “roche,” meaning “rock,” and was likely first used as a name to describe someone who resided near a prominent rock. Sale.

Why is La Rochelle famous?

Capital of the Charente-Maritime, La Rochelle is well known for its postcard-pretty Old Port picture. Protected by the Chaîne tower and the Saint-Nicolas tower, the old port has inspired numerous artists. After a walk on the quays, the visitor is invited to go along the beautiful narrow streets of the old town.

What area of France is La Rochelle?

10.98 mi²
La Rochelle/Area

How do you say La Rochelle?

  1. Phonetic spelling of LaRochelle. l-AE-r-uh-sh-uh-l. larochelle.
  2. Meanings for LaRochelle.
  3. Translations of LaRochelle. Arabic : لاروتشيلي

What is New Rochelle named after?

port of La Rochelle
It was the French Huguenots, arriving three-quarters of a century later in the 1680’s, who gave the city its name, after the port of La Rochelle. Before the French came, seeking religious freedom, the Indians had sold their land to Thomas Pell, an Englishman.

Is La Rochelle Nice?

La Rochelle is a lively, sparkling seaside town with a great reputation for seafood, three urban beaches and the best vieux port on the French Atlantic. Spend the late afternoon watching the pleasure boats and the evening on the seafront, eating a platter of shellfish.

How do you say Rochelle in French?

More R uh shel than Roe! People never say it right!…Pronounce Names.

Pronunciation: Rosh-el
Gender: Female
Origin: France
Alternate Spelling(s): Roshel, Rochel.
Meaning: french: ‘little rock’

Who founded New Rochelle NY?

New Rochelle, city, Westchester county, southeastern New York, U.S. It lies along Long Island Sound, just northeast of New York City. Founded in 1688 by a group of Huguenot refugees, it was named for La Rochelle, a seaport on the Atlantic coast of France.

Why is New Rochelle called New Rochelle?

The town was settled by refugee Huguenots (French Protestants) in 1688 who were fleeing Catholic pogroms in France. Many of the settlers were artisans and craftsmen from the city of La Rochelle, France, thus influencing the choice of the name of “New Rochelle”.

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