What does much ado about nothing say about love?

What does much ado about nothing say about love?

Looking at the play in this way, we can say that in Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare makes the point that true love is achieved with understanding, trust, and commitment by examining the relationships of the contrasting sets of lovers: the shallow relationship of Hero and Claudio, and the deeper relationship of …

Who falls in love in Much Ado About Nothing?

Count Claudio

What are the main themes in much ado about nothing?

Much Ado About Nothing Themes

  • Love and Masquerade. Love, in Much Ado About Nothing, is always involved with tricks, games and disguises.
  • Courtship, Wit, and Warfare.
  • Language, Perception and Reality.
  • Marriage, Shame and Freedom.

Who is Dennis in As You Like It?

Dennis. Denis is Oliver’s servant. He brings in Charles the wrestler.

How is deception used in Much Ado About Nothing?

Deception as a Means to an End The duping of Claudio and Don Pedro results in Hero’s disgrace, while the ruse of her death prepares the way for her redemption and reconciliation with Claudio. Much Ado About Nothing shows that deceit is not inherently evil, but something that can be used as a means to good or bad ends.

Who has the most lines in As You Like It?

Behind Cleopatra, Rosalind from As You Like It has the most lines for a female. Romeo has substantially more lines than Juliet, though they both have quite a few. Lady Macbeth, on the other hand, has barely 1/3rd the number of her husband’s lines. Tybalt barely registers with just 17 lines!

Who has the most lines in Romeo and Juliet?

Hence, even though Juliet has more and longer soliloquies, Romeo speaks the most lines overall because he is the play’s tragic hero.

Who is Leonato’s daughter?


Who does touchstone marry in As You Like It?

Sir Oliver Martext

Who is Corin as you like?

Corin is an old shepherd and a native of Arden. He’s also a really nice guy who spends his time trying to help his young friend Silvius come to terms with his dramatic love life (2.4). In many ways, Corin is a stock figure—the “kindly and generous old shepherd” who shows up a lot in “pastoral” literature.

Who is the main character in As You Like It?

Main characters: Court of Duke Frederick: Duke Frederick, Duke Senior’s younger brother and his usurper, also Celia’s father. Rosalind, Duke Senior’s daughter.

What was Romeo’s last words?

Romeo opens the crypt and is shattered as he finds what he believes to be the corpse of his beloved. His final words, as he consumes a lethal drug, are as follows: Come, bitter conduct, come, unsavoury guide!

What did Juliet say before she died?

Hoping she might die by the same poison, Juliet kisses his lips, but to no avail. Hearing the approaching watch, Juliet unsheathes Romeo’s dagger and, saying, “O happy dagger, / This is thy sheath,” stabs herself (5.3. She dies upon Romeo’s body.

What is the role of Touchstone in As You Like It?

Role in the play Touchstone is the court jester of Duke Frederick the usurper’s court. Throughout the play he comments on the other characters and thus contributes to a better understanding of the play. Audrey does not love Touchstone in the real sense of the feeling but only to become a courtly lady.

Who does Celia marry in As You Like It?

As Ganymede, Rosalind promises Phoebe that they will marry, Celia will marry Oliver, Touchstone will marry Audrey, and Orlando will marry Rosalind. She makes Phoebe promise that if they, for some reason, don’t get married, Phoebe will marry Silvius instead.

Who is the most socially powerful person in Much Ado About Nothing?

Don Pedro

Who is Phoebe in love with in As You Like It?


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