What does Portikus mean?

What does Portikus mean?

Portikus is an exhibition hall for contemporary art in Frankfurt am Main, that was founded in 1987 by Kasper König, one of the most influential living curators of contemporary art. Its name is derived from the surviving portico of the Stadtbibliothek (public library) from 1825 that was destroyed during World War II.

What are the values of porticus?

Our values – empathy, modesty, endurance and trust – inspire everything we do and are the bedrock of all our relationships. At Porticus, everyone has a personal connection to the vision of a just and sustainable future where human dignity flourishes. That sense of purpose drives over 180 of us every day.

Who built the cube at Portikus?

In 1987, the vestige of this classical building again fulfilled its architectural function as a facade when the Frankfurt-based architects Marie-Theres Deutsch and Klaus Dreißigacker built a simple white cube out of shipping containers. Portikus presents the work of internationally renowned artists, and exhibits younger, emerging artists.

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