What does quagmire mean?

What does quagmire mean?

1 : soft miry land that shakes or yields under the foot. 2 : a difficult, precarious, or entrapping position : predicament.

Is bamboozled a bad word?

Like last week’s word, stooge, bamboozle – to fool or cheat someone – is not quite what it appears to be. Bamboozle first appeared in England around 1700; the OED says it may have been a thieves’ cant word like fake and phony.

Is Shocked positive or negative?

It is generally a positive or neutral situation. On the other hand, we use “shocked” when we want to talk about a situation that we find extremely unexpected. These situations are usually negative but sometimes they can be neutral. The important thing to remember is that “shocked” is much stronger than “surprised”.

What’s another word for bamboozled?

SYNONYMS FOR bamboozle 1 gyp, dupe, trick, cheat, swindle, defraud, flimflam, hoax, gull, rook; delude, mislead, fool. 2 befog, bewilder, puzzle, baffle, dumbfound.

Who protects the QB blind side?

left tackle

What is another word for Shocked?

In this page you can discover 70 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for shocked, like: startled, astounded, appalled, astonished, aghast, dismayed, amazed, troubled, offended, stupefied and upset.

What is the moral of the blind side?

The lesson in this film was basically that things will get better as long as we don’t give up. People loose sight of that when chasing their dream or just trying to survive so they give up and lose the fight.

What does blindsided mean in a relationship?

The worst thing about being blindsided in a relationship is that it only happens if you truly love. By definition, to be blindsided means to be attacked, hit on the back or while in another vulnerable position. Basically, you want to become vulnerable yourself. But nobody wants to do that after hurting someone.

Is flabbergasted good or bad?

Use the adjective flabbergasted to describe someone who’s astounded or surprised for any reason, good or bad. You could be flabbergasted at how astonishingly expensive a parking ticket is, or at how incredibly delicious pineapple pizza is.

What does bamboozled mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to deceive by underhanded methods : dupe, hoodwink I got bamboozled by the salesperson to buy a more expensive model. 2 : to confuse, frustrate, or throw off thoroughly or completely a quarterback bamboozled by an unexpected defense.

Why is the blind side inspirational?

Why This Movie Is Tops Among Motivational Stories But the reason why this movie and story really impacts me is because it shows that in this world of conflicts between people of different races, it shows an example where people from different colours and social economic backgrounds can benefit from each other.

What is fated Cannot be abated?

It’s not your believe but your laziness that convinces you not to work and give up into FATE. You get what you give. You yield what you sow. You gain how you strive.

What is the opposite of stunned?

Antonyms of STUNNED blase, not surprised, oriented, clear, alert, casual, clear-thinking, unsurprised, nonchalant, unruffled, understanding, unconfused.

What does hoodwink mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to deceive by false appearance : dupe people who allow themselves to be hoodwinked by such promises. 2 archaic : blindfold. 3 obsolete : hide.

What does fated mean?


What does flabbergasted mean?

: feeling or showing intense shock, surprise, or wonder : utterly astonished Every second person wore a blank flabbergasted expression, having just offered some gratuitous insult to a stranger, or, perhaps, received one.—

What does stunned silence mean?

mentally confused; unable to think with clarity or act intelligently. adjective. filled with the emotional impact of overwhelming surprise or shock. “stood in stunned silence”

What does the blind side mean?

In football, the blind side is referred to as the left tackle spot, the position where Michael plays, and is called the blind side because it is the spot in which the quarterback is completely blind to hits because most QB’s are right handed and their vision is focused towards the right side of the offensive line and …

What do you call a person who believes in fate?

A person that believes completely in fate is a fatalist, or sometimes predestinarianist or determinist.

What’s another word for stunned?

What is another word for stunned?

amazed astounded
shocked dumbfounded
flabbergasted staggered
astonished awestricken
awestruck dumbstruck

Can we control our fate?

You can’t change your fate, but your free will can postpone it. It’s how fate works. You are control of your life; it is not in control of you. Fate is what will come to you in life, and free will is what you choose to do with it.

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