What does RC12YC fit?

What does RC12YC fit?

RC12YC Spark Plugs

Center Electrode Copper Core
Thread Size 14mm
Tip Projected Tip
Type Resistor
Fits BRIGGS & STRATTON GAS ENGINES — Intek, Vanguard single cylinder OHV KOHLER GAS ENGINES — Command OHV, K series, 16.0/TH16, 18.0/TH18

What type of spark plug does a Briggs and Stratton?

Flathead Engine Spark Plugs & Gaps

Replacement Part Type Briggs & Stratton Spark Plug Part Number Spark Plug Gap
Extended Life Series® OHV Spark Plug Platinum (Replaces Champion RC12YC) 696202 5066 (5066D, 5066H) .030”
Resistor Spark plug – hotter spark (Replaces Champion RC14YC) 496018S 5092 .030”
Resistor 692051 .020”

Can I use RC14YC instead of RC12YC?

EITHER RC12YC or RC14YC will work. But for best results use NGK BKR5E or BKR6E.

Does champion 71eco replace RC12YC?

Delivered to home. Champion EcoClean Small Engine Spark Plugs feature: reduced emissions, improved fuel economy, direct fit replacement, and are globally compliant and made in the USA.

What is the Autolite equivalent to champion RC12YC?


AC Autolite Champion Plug
458, 404 J19LM
CS41 2995 CJ8
FR2LSK 5224 RC12YC
CS45T 2956 DJ8J

What size is a RC12YC spark plug?

This spark plug has a thread diameter of 14 mm, a reach of 19 mm and a hex size of 16 mm. The terminal nut on this spark plug has a strong resistance to vibration while remaining thoroughly connected to the rest of the plug.

How often should you replace a lawn mower spark plug?

Some users simply prefer to replace it every mowing season as a part of their yearly lawn mower maintenance. If you use it for the full 25 hours each season, this is a great option to ensure you don’t run into spark plug problems.

Is qc12yc the same as RC12YC?

Premium Member. From what I can find the two plugs have the same heat range so are interchangeable without any difference in mechanical engine performance. BUT if you have a fuel injected engine you should use the QC plug. It’s internal electrical construction is different to work properly with fuel injection systems.

What kind of spark plug does a lawn mower take?

Is RC12YC same as 71eco?

This part replaces: RC12YC.

Is Champion rc12pyc the same as RC12YC?

The difference between the RC12Y and the RC12YC is simply the core material. The “C” on the end merely means that it has a copper core. It will work just fine in your B&S engine.

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