What does the jungle symbolize?

What does the jungle symbolize?

The word “jungle” itself carries connotations of untamed and uncontrollable nature and isolation from civilisation, along with the emotions that evokes: threat, confusion, powerlessness, disorientation and immobilisation.

What does the car symbolize in Death of a Salesman?

The car symbolizes Willy’s struggle and eventual failure to achieve the American Dream. Nothing was ever as good as the dream of what it should have been. Chevrolet is an American car brand and was the kind of car that the character Willy Loman owned in the play Death of a Salesman.

What do pens symbolize?

Based upon this, as well as Psalm 45:1, a pen can often represent a writing gift or skill in the use of words. Ink as opposed to graphite would tend to indicate that this is a more permanent gift or something that will have lasting impact.

What does the pen symbolize in Death of a Salesman?

The fountain pen symbolizes corruption and shallowness — traits associated with greed and materialism in the business world. After stealing the pen, Biff realizes he doesn’t want the same unhappy and dissatisfying life his father has clung to all these years.

Why pencils are not used in space?

To understand why NASA was so keen on a workable space pen, you have to understand that the pencil is not suited for space travel. The problem is that they have a habit of breaking, shattering, and leaving graphite dust behind. The wood, too, can make it a serious fire risk in the pressurized, oxygen-rich capsule.

Why is fire in space bad?

Fire is a different beast in space than it is on the ground. When flames burn on Earth, heated gases rise from the fire, drawing oxygen in and pushing combustion products out. In microgravity, hot gases don’t rise. Space flames can also burn at a lower temperature and with less oxygen than fires on Earth.

What do stockings symbolize in Death of a Salesman?

Stockings assume a metaphorical weight as the symbol of betrayal and sexual infidelity. New stockings are important for both Willy’s pride in being financially successful and thus able to provide for his family and for Willy’s ability to ease his guilt about, and suppress the memory of, his betrayal of Linda and Biff.

What does the woman symbolize in Death of a Salesman?

Symbolically, the woman Willy sleeps with in Boston represents Willy’s moral failure. Despite his repeated pronouncements that a person must have character to succeed in life, Willy demonstrates a clear lack of integrity by having an extra-marital affair.

What is the main idea of Death of a Salesman?

Critical Essays Major Themes in Death of a Salesman. Death of a Salesman addresses loss of identity and a man’s inability to accept change within himself and society. The play is a montage of memories, dreams, confrontations, and arguments, all of which make up the last 24 hours of Willy Loman’s life.

What does a pen represent in a dream?

To dream about a pen represents things that are permanent- things you are unwilling to change. Perhaps you have made a decision recently that will affect the rest of your life or are about to. You might have made your mind up about something and there is no room for negotiation.

What is the five uses of pen?

100 Uses for a Bic Pen

  • for writing.
  • as a straw.
  • as a toy “telescope” for kids.
  • to unlock a bike lock (link)
  • to make a crossbow (Link)
  • for an improvised tracheotomy (on TV, anyway) (Link)
  • as a paper punch.
  • to store & pass secret messages (pop out the tube of ink, insert a small paper scroll, put ink back)

What was Willy’s American Dream?

Willy Loman’s American Dream To the protagonist of “Death of a Salesman,” the American Dream is the ability to become prosperous by mere charisma.

What do Biff sneakers symbolize?

It is a symbol of good times. Biff stole the football, so its a symbol of deceit and lies. Biff’s sneakers. It is a symbol of Biff’s hopeful future, he burnt it after seeing his father’s affair because he no longer believed in him, thus did not have a parent figure to assist him to his hopeful future.

Why is a pen so important?

Pen is physically a writing instrument which scribbles ink onto surfaces such as paper, cloth or canvas to produce a shape. Pen is the most important thing which a literate person possess. It is the device which makes possible to note down our thoughts in a piece of paper. The earliest pen were quills, ink brush, etc.

Who said the jungle is dark but full of diamonds?

Arthur Miller

Does Death of a Salesman attack the American dream?

He was rich and successful that showed him to have attained the American dream. The death of a sales man is an attack on the idea of the American dream, showing that it is not always successful i.e. it has a darker side.

Why do we need a pen?

Originally Answered: why do we need pens? Because they remain a very personal and intimate way (when writing a letter or card) to connect with the recipient and the mechanics of writing with a pen are MUCH more personal and thought provoking than using a computer. No automatic spell checkers with a pen.

What was a pen made of 100 years ago?

The best ink they used was made from pine sap made from trees that were between 50 and 100 years old. They also made ink from mixture of hide glue, carbon black, lampblack, and bone black pigment which was mixed with pestle and mortar. In India, ink was made since 4th century BC.

Who is Willy’s only friend?


How is the American Dream shown in Death of a Salesman?

The American Dream, as depicted in Death of a Salesman, is an abstract concept invented by the individual chasing it. After Willy’s death, happy vows to be better than his father was, but seems doomed at the end of the play to continue living the lies of the American Dream that were instilled in him by his father.

How did Ben become rich?

Ben is Willy’s adventurous and lucky older brother. Of course, he’s dead, so he only appears in the play as a character in Willy’s troubled imagination. Willy totally idolizes Ben because he was an adventurer who escaped the world of business and got rich quick by finding diamonds in the African jungle.

What does the jungle is dark but full of diamonds mean?

The jungle symbolizes the wild world of commerce and business where anything can happen, and one can strike it rich. Ben says to Willy: “the jungle is dark but full of diamonds,” meaning that it’s chaotic and difficult out there, but you can make it. Willy never does make it, never does find the diamonds.

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