What does the name Nardi mean?

What does the name Nardi mean?

Nardi Surname Definition: (Italian) Descendant of Nardi, a pet form of Leonardo (lion-like), or Bernardo (bear, firm); dweller near a spindle tree; dweller near where lavender grew.

What does the name ewalt mean?

Ewalt Surname Definition: (German) Descendant of Ewald (eternity, power); one who advised as to the law.

Is Nardi an Italian name?

Nardi is a surname and sometimes used as a given name. Notable people with the name include: Aldo Nardi (1931–2001), Italian football player. Angelo Nardi (painter) (1584–1664), Italian painter active in Spain.

Where does the name ewalt come from?

The surname Ewalt was first found in Prussia, where the name emerged in mediaeval times as one of the notable families of the region. From the 13th century the surname was identified with the great social and economic evolution which made this territory a landmark contributor to the development of the nation.

What nationality is Nardi?

Italian: patronymic or plural form of Nardo. Similar surnames: Pardi, Bardi, Sardi, Nardin, Nardo, Sarli, Nasi, Nardini, Aldi, Marti.

Who is Nardi Torino?

Enrico Nardi was a racing mechanic, engineer, and driver who got his start with Lancia. Beginning in 1948, Nardi joined with and Renato Danese and established a workshop in Via Vincenzo Lancia, Torino, building racing cars, prototypes, and small-series special designs.

What type of last name is Nardi?

The Nardi surname was a patronymic name, created from the personal name Nardo, which was in turn, a shortened form of Bernardo.

Where is Nardi based?

It is based in Selci Lama in the province of Perugia and is specialized in the production of plows which can boast of having built the ‘largest specimen. The Nardi Group is also the owner of the trademarks MARZIA and SOGEMA, which were family holding companies folded into the main company in the early 2000s.

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Is Nardi a JDM?

Whilst a lot of JDM fans think Nardi is a Japanese manufacturer (probably due to the popularity of Nardi products over there) some of you may have noticed from the logo above – Nardi is actually based in Turin, where the company was founded over 60 years ago.

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