What does the root word er mean?

What does the root word er mean?

-er (1) English agent noun ending, corresponding to Latin -or. In native words it represents Old English -ere (Old Northumbrian also -are) “man who has to do with,” from Proto-Germanic *-ari (cognates: German -er, Swedish -are, Danish -ere), from Proto-Germanic *-arjoz.

Where did the ER suffix come from?

From Middle English -er, -ere, from Old English -ware (suffix denoting residency or meaning “inhabitant of”), from Proto-Germanic *warjaz (“defender, inhabitant”), from Proto-Indo-European *wer- (“to close, cover, protect, save, defend”).

What does er suffix mean in German?

The Suffixes “-er” and “-erin”, “-ler” and “-erlin”, “erei”: As noted in the example of “sprechen”, adding an “-er” or an “-erin” to a verb’s stem denotes a male or female who performs the action: “der Sprecher / die Sprecherin” (speaker).

What does ER mean Chinese?

‘Er’ is the pinyin for the word ‘兒’ (simplified, ‘儿’), meaning ‘child’. As such, it is used as a diminutive marker; in a name, it is equivalent to the English ‘-y’ or ‘-ie’ ending, and used as a term of endearment. The use of this word as a diminutive marker is more prevalent in Mandarin.

What does the suffix er mean in Chinese?

What kind of suffix is er?

adjective suffix or adverb suffix. Definition of -er (Entry 4 of 5) —used to form the comparative degree of adjectives and adverbs of one syllable hotterdrier and of some adjectives and adverbs of two or more syllables completerbeautifuller.

Why do Chinese add ER in names?

What does ER Gege mean in Chinese?

二哥哥 (er gege) literally means “second older brother”. 哥哥 (gege) can be used as a term of affection or familiarity in Chinese, you can use it with a male older than yourself who you are close to, he doesn’t have to be your blood related brother.

What does ER mean at the end of a name?

It’s usually added to verbs to make nouns with the meaning ‘a person or thing that does something’, for example: builder, farmer, sprinkler, or beeper. The -er ending can also be used to form nouns meaning: ‘a person or thing that has a particular quality or form’, for example:double-decker, two-wheeler, skyscraper.

What does ER mean before name?

Er. Stands for Engineer. Anyone engineering graduate having technical education degree or diploma can put Er. As prefix to their name. This means a person holding this abbreviation to his/her name is very well versed with engineering skills and can apply knowledge to wherever applicable.

How do you say mr in Taiwanese?

先生 (xiān sheng, Mr.) – a respectful way to address a male. It could also mean “husband” depending on context, as in the following example: 这是我先生 (zhè shì wǒ xiān sheng)。 This is my husband.

What does a girl call an older guy in Chinese?

Unlike Korean, where girls use “oppa” and guys use “hyung” to mean “older brother”, Chinese people use the same word, “-ge”, regardless of the speaker’s gender.

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