What does this sign mean on motorway?

What does this sign mean on motorway?

Explanation: You’ll see this sign if there has been an incident ahead and the motorway is closed. You must obey the sign. Make sure that you prepare to leave in good time. Don’t cause drivers to take avoiding action by cutting in at the last moment.

What Colour is a direction sign on a motorway?

On direction signs, blue is used for motorways. However, blue is also used away from the motorway network for signs for non-motorised road users. Many general information signs have blue backgrounds, largely to differentiate them from direction signs and warnings.

What are the blue markers on motorways?

Drive on any motorway or A road, and you’ll see small blue signs by the side of the carriageway every 500 metres or so. These are driver location signs, and they’re used by breakdown teams and the emergency services to find stranded vehicles and accidents on England’s trunk roads.

What does 25 means on this motorway sign?

The distance to the nearest town.

What is a hump bridge sign?

The hump bridge sign means there is an incoming hump bridge that is so severe that without warning, a driver may lose control. If the hump bridge hides a hazard, another sign indicating this should be mounted to the same post with the first encountered hazard at the top.

What does a blue circle mean on a motorway?

Blue circle road signs give a positive (compulsory) instruction to a driver such as turn left or mini roundabout. Blue rectangle road signs are informational signs, but on motorways they are used for directions.

Are all motorway signs blue?

They almost always have a red border. Rectangular road signs: Rectangular signs inform. Blue rectangular signs give information on motorways, green signs direct you on primary roads, while white signs give directions on minor roads.

What are motorway marker posts?

Distance marker posts These posts are used to help pinpoint road locations for maintenance and emergency purposes, and also show the direction to the nearest emergency roadside telephone. On motorways distance marker posts also bear an arrow pointing towards the location of the nearest emergency telephone.

What does this motorway sign mean 50?

Temporary minimum speed 50 mph.

What does a green road sign mean?

Green: This color is used for guide signs. These signs tell you where you are, which way to go and the distance. This color is used to alert you to possible dangers ahead due to construction and maintenance projects. Reduce your speed and scan for workers who may be directing traffic.

What is Ford sign?

A Ford is ‘a shallow place with good footing where a river or stream may be crossed by wading, or inside a vehicle getting its wheels wet. ‘ So essentially, it’s warning you that your vehicle could get wet. If you see this sign, drive slowly, but also appreciate how clean your wheels will be after.

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