What does woreda mean?

What does woreda mean?

Districts, or woreda (Amharic: ወረዳ) (also spelled wereda), are the third-level administrative divisions of Ethiopia.

When was more authority passed to woreda?

Beginning in 2002, more authority was passed to woreda by transferring staff and budgets from the regional governments. ^ Ayele, Zemelak. “Local government in Ethiopia: still an apparatus of control?”.

What is the difference between a woreda and a district?

Overview. Woredas are typically collected together into zones, which form a region; districts which are not part of a zone are designated Special Districts and function as autonomous entities. Districts are governed by a woreda council whose members are directly elected to represent each kebele in the district.

What are the districts in Ethiopia called?

Districts in Ethiopia, ( Amharic: ወረዳ “wäräda”; Oromo: Aanaalee (plural), Aanaa (singular)) are the third-level of the administrative division of Ethiopia – after zones and the regional states.

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