What does Yukon Cornelius say?

What does Yukon Cornelius say?

Yukon Cornelius : Douse your nose and run like crazy!

What does Yukon Cornelius say when he licks his pick?

He then throws his pickaxe up in the air, picks it up and licks it, as he’s done throughout the entire special all the way up to that scene. His next line then explains the entire thing: “Peppermint!” he says. “What I’ve been searching for all my life! I’ve struck it rich!

What does Yukon Cornelius call the Abominable Snowman?

“Bumble”, a corruption of the term “abominable snowman”, is so named by Yukon Cornelius. He pursues Hermey, Rudolph, and Yukon throughout their adventures.

Who said this fog’s as thick as peanut butter?

Yukon Cornelius
Yukon Cornelius : This fog’s as thick as peanut butter!

What is Cornelius mining for?

In the 1964 airing, a scene showed Yukon Cornelius finally finding the mineral he’d been searching for: a peppermint mine. So it turns out he’s not just a weirdo who likes to lick dirt off his pickax. “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” has aired on CBS since 1972, after an eight-year run on NBC.

Why does Cornelius lick his AXE?

Yukon Cornelius didn’t have a bizarre talent of recognizing the taste of gold or silver, he was licking his ax to see if it tasted like peppermint.

What is the Abominable Snowman’s real name?

Abominable Snowman, Tibetan Yeti, mythical monster resembling a large, hairy, apelike being supposed to inhabit the Himalayas at about the level of the snow line.

Why Yukon Cornelius licks his ax?

What are the four life sustaining things Yukon Cornelius needs?

SU: Oh, right: The four life-sustaining things Yukon Cornelius needs are cornmeal and gun powder and hamhocks and guitar strings.

Why does Cornelius lick his pick?

Does Yukon Cornelius wear blue or green?

When I say YUKON CORNELIUS has gone GREEN… I mean it literally. On the RUDOLPH disc, Yukon is now wearing a green outfit and so is one of the heavy set elves and the tall elf with glasses (only part of the time…he flashes between blue and green).

How did Yukon Cornelius survive?

He is a blustery but benign character and ends up helping not only Rudolph and Hermey, but later the Abominable Snowmonster, or “Bumble” as he refers to him, as well, though only after he tried fighting the now toothless Bumble and caused the Bumble, along with himself and his sled dogs, to tumble over a cliff, but …

What does Yukon Cornelius do to the Bumble?

Hop aboard, mateys. Yukon Cornelius : Observe the Bumble’s one weakness. [he watches the Bumble put one foot into the water, then sinks]

What kind of Monster is Yukon Cornelius?

Along the way, he meets an abundance of unforgettable characters: his dentally obsessed elf pal Hermey; the affable miner Yukon Cornelius and his motley crew of puppies; the scary/adorable Abominable Snow Monster; a legion of abandoned, but still chatty, toys; and a rather grouchy Santa.

Who was the voice of Yukon Cornelius in Rudolph?

Larry D. Mann, 91, who voiced the character Yukon Cornelius in the animated Christmas classic ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,’ has died. Here are some of the character’s best quotes from Rudolph.

Why did Yukon Cornelius lick his ax?

Yukon Cornelius didn’t have a bizarre talent of recognizing the taste of gold or silver, he was licking his ax to see if it tasted like peppermint. “The ‘Peppermint Mine Scene’ has not been on TV since 1964,” Goldschmidt explained, while also saying, “The special as it airs on CBS is not right.”

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