What famous singer died in 1994?

What famous singer died in 1994?

The term became widely known after Kurt Cobain’s death in 1994, with rock fans connecting his age to that of Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones and Jimi Hendrix – though it was notable to fans in the early 1970s when those four visionaries died within just two years of each other.

What musicians died in the 90’s?

List of deaths in rock and roll (1990s)

Name Age Cause of death
Andrew Wood Malfunkshun, Mother Love Bone 24 Heroin overdose
Sarah Vaughan 66 Lung cancer
Thurston Harris The Sharps 58 Heart attack
Little Joe Blue 55 Stomach cancer

What famous singers have died?

Died in 20s

Artist Notoriety Born
Jimi Hendrix Lead Guitarist, Vocalist of The Jimi Hendrix Experience November 27, 1942
Janis Joplin Singer January 19, 1943
Amy Winehouse Singer September 14, 1983
Robert Johnson Guitarist, singer May 8, 1911

Who died in February 1994?

Dinah Shore

  • Feb 24 Donald Phillips, pianist/composer, dies at 80.
  • Feb 24 Jean Sablon, French singer-songwriter, dies at 87.
  • Feb 24 Knut Anders Haukfield, SOE Operative, dies at 83.
  • Feb 24 Lores Bonney, Australian aviator, 1st female solo flight Australia to UK, dies at 96.

Who died in 1991?

Date of Death between 1991-01-01 and 1991-12-31 (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

  • Cassandra Harris. Actress | For Your Eyes Only.
  • 2. Lee Remick. Actress | Anatomy of a Murder.
  • Dean Jagger. Actor | White Christmas.
  • Michael Landon. Actor | Little House on the Prairie.
  • Gene Tierney.
  • Ralph Bellamy.
  • Fred MacMurray.
  • Frank Capra.

What famous person died in 1998?

Billie Hughes, 50, American songwriter, musician and record producer, heart attack. George Lloyd, 85, British composer. Gene Rockwell, 53, South African singer, cancer. Lev Rokhlin, 51, Soviet / Russian army officer, murdered.

What rock star died in 1995?

Shannon Hoon Best known for “No Rain,” the Blind Melon singer died of a cocaine overdose in 1995 at age 28.

What 80’s singer died?

List of deaths in rock and roll (1980s)

Name Age Date
Keith Godchaux The Grateful Dead 32 July 23, 1980
George Scott III 26 August 5, 1980
Jimmy Forrest 60 August 26, 1980
John Bonham Led Zeppelin 32 September 25, 1980

What was 1994 famous for?

The Year 1994 From The People History

  • What Events Happened in 1994.
  • Nancy Kerrigan attacked.
  • Netscape Navigator.
  • South Africa – First Multi-Racial Elections.
  • United States – NASA STS-62 Shuttle Mission.
  • Brazil Wins 1994 World Cup.
  • Sweden and Norway European Union Vote.

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