What gemstone is sphene?

What gemstone is sphene?

Sphene Gemstone, also known as Titanite, has rich variety of colors, powerful trichroism, and a fire that exceeds diamond. Although softer than many more popular gemstones, sphene’s can make marvelous jewelry stones if set and maintained properly….Gemstone Attributes.

Mineral Titanite
Mohs Hardness 5.0 – 5.5

Is sphene a real gemstone?

Sphene is a very rare brilliant yellowish-green, green, orange or brown gemstone with a high luster, also known as “titanite” due to its titanium content. The name “sphene” comes from the Greek word, “sphen”, meaning “wedge”, which alludes to the formation of its crystals.

Is sphene safe to wear?

Unfortunately sphene is not as suitable for jewelry as some other gemstones, but it can certainly be worn in a necklace, pendant or a pair of earrings if you take good care of it.

What is the hardness of sphene?

5 – 5.5
Titanite/Hardness (Mohs hardness scale)

What color sphene is most valuable?

IGS also notes that “chrome sphene”—dark green in color—is the most valuable type as its hue mimics a good emerald.

What is sphene used for?

Sphene continues to be the name used for titanite in the gem and jewelry industries. It is a minor gemstone that is popular with collectors because of its high dispersion. Sphene is one of the few minerals with a dispersion higher than diamond.

How is sphene mined?

The main mining area for sphene is Madagascar, but also mined in Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Myanmar, Austria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the USA. The raw material is mined directly from the mother rock, which is also called “igneous rock”.

What is the meaning of sphene?

Definition of sphene : a mineral that is a silicate of calcium and titanium and often contains other elements.

What color is sphene?

Sphenes frequently come in yellow, orange, brown, and green hues, with many gradations between them, and often show color zoning. Iron (Fe) and rare-earth element impurities create these typical colors.

How rare is the gemstone sphene?

Very rare in clean stones over 5-10 carats, even a 5-carat flawless sphene would make a rare, fine stone. Indian material generally cuts to about 10 carats, Madagascar material to perhaps 15 carats. Brazilian yellow stones over 5 carats are scarce.

How is Sphene used?

Is Sphene a mineral?

titanite, also called sphene, titanium and calcium silicate mineral, CaTiSiO4(O,OH,F), that, in a crystallized or compact form, makes up a minor component of many igneous rocks and gneiss, schist, crystalline limestone, and pegmatite.

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