What happened Imation?

What happened Imation?

Imation Corp. the data-storage company is gone from Minnesota, but a much-smaller reincarnation of the business will stay in the Twin Cities. Imation announced Friday it will rebrand as GlassBridge Enterprises, a name tied into the moniker of its new investment advisory subsidiary, GlassBridge Asset Management.

What happened to the company Memorex?

It was broken up and ceased to exist after 1996 other than as a consumer electronics brand specializing in disk recordable media for CD and DVD drives, flash memory, computer accessories and other electronics.

Who bought Memorex?

Imation Corp.
Data storage vendor Imation Corp. announced yesterday a $330 million cash deal to acquire 45-year-old Memorex International Inc., a well-known provider of consumer CD and DVD products for multimedia storage.

Where is Memorex from?

Santa Clara
Founded in 1961 by Laurence L (Larry) Spitters and others from Ampex to produce professional magnetic tape media, in 1966 Memorex Corporation, Santa Clara, CA became the first independent manufacturer of removable disk packs.

Is Imation a good brand?

Imation brand is trusted by worldwide data storage professionals since 1996. It guarantees high quality and long-term durability for all of your storage application uses.

Is Imation still a company?

GlassBridge Enterprises, Inc., formerly Imation Corporation, is an American holding company….GlassBridge Enterprises.

Formerly Imation Corporation (1996-2017)
Type Public
Traded as OTCQX: GLAE (2017-present) NYSE:GLA (2017) NYSE: IMN (prior to 2017)
Industry Investment
Founded March 1996 in Maplewood, Minnesota, United States

Is Memorex a good brand?

Of all the writable disc brands I use, memorex has some of the best CD-R. It’s not first party Sony or Phillips, but the the low failure rates are next to none in my experience.

Is Memorex real?

β€œIs it real or is it Memorex?” was a popular advertising slogan from the early 80s – some 35 years ago! – for cassette recording tapes that Millennials may not recognize or identify with, but Baby Boomers likely remember this.

What is the meaning of Imation?

1. photographic film – photographic material consisting of a base of celluloid covered with a photographic emulsion; used to make negatives or transparencies.

Is Imation pendrive good?

Imation makes good drives, and this one has been reliable for years. Love the swivel cover; you never lose it. BUT, it does make it slightly fat, so it can be a tight fit when there are two USB ports on top of one another on a laptop. Always worked, though.

When did 3M spin off Imation?

Imation was started in 1996, when 3M spun off its data storage and imaging business. The company underwent a divestment of non-core businesses, and invested in four core product technology areas: secure storage, scalable storage, wireless/connectivity, and magnetic tape.

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