What happened to Andrew Golden?

What happened to Andrew Golden?

Golden’s death Andrew Douglas Golden died on July 27, 2019 after a 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe departed its lane, crashing head-on into Golden’s 2017 Honda CRV on U.S. Route 167 in Independence County, Arkansas near Cave City, Arkansas, about 100 miles (160 km) north of Little Rock.

What tragedy happened in Jonesboro Arkansas?

A school shooting in Jonesboro, Arkansas, kills five. Mitchell Johnson, 13, and Andrew Golden, 11, shoot their classmates and teachers in Jonesboro, Arkansas on March 24, 1998.

What did Andrew Golden do?

Andrew Golden, who changed his name to Drew Grant, and Mitchell Johnson fatally shot a teacher and four students at Westside Middle School.

What is Jonesboro Arkansas famous for?

Jonesboro also is known as the “City of Churches.” The First Baptist Church and First Methodist Church are among the two oldest churches, coming to the city between 1911 and 1916. In 1909, the Arkansas legislature established a regional agricultural training school in Jonesboro.

When was first school shooting?

The first known mass shooting in the U.S. where students were shot, was on April 9, 1891, when 70 year old, James Foster fired a shotgun at a group of students in the playground of St. Mary’s Parochial School, Newburgh, New York, causing minor injuries to several of the students.

How old is Jonesboro AR?

Craighead County and Jonesboro were officially born on February 19, 1859. Farmer Fergus Snoddy donated fifteen acres for a town site in the area that is now downtown Jonesboro. Twenty-four years later, with the railroad coming to Jonesboro, voters finally approved the town’s official incorporation in 1883.

What percentage of Jonesboro is black?

Jonesboro Demographics White: 71.84% Black or African American: 20.04% Two or more races: 2.88%

Is Jonesboro AR a dry county?

Tidbit (adult beverages edition): Jonesboro is a dry county, meaning that the sale and on-site consumption of alcohol is allowed only at special private clubs with a liquor license.

Which is the oldest school in the world?

Established in: 1088 The ‘Nourishing Mother of the Studies’ according to its Latin motto, the University of Bologna was founded in 1088 and, having never been out of operation, holds the title of the oldest university in the world.

What was the first school in America?

The Boston Latin School
The Boston Latin School, established in 1635, was the first school in what is now the United States. Although it has changed locations, the public school is still operating today. On April 23, 1635, the first public school in what would become the United States was established in Boston, Massachusetts.

Is Jonesboro Arkansas Safe?

Jonesboro is one of the safest places to live in the country. We have one officer for every 472 citizens. And our officers are involved in the community through the D.A.R.E. program, Shop with a Cop program and various public school safety programs, just to name a few.

Is Jonesboro Arkansas diverse?

Jonesboro Diversity Score With a diversity score of 86 out of 100, Jonesboro is much more diverse than other US cities.

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