What happened to Barry on Iraqveteran8888?

What happened to Barry on Iraqveteran8888?

He passed of a heart attack from everything that we’ve been told. It’s very unfortunate, we’ve lost a powerful voice in the Second Amendment community. He’s going to be sorely missed. On behalf of myself and the whole crew as Moss Pawn, we want to certainly give the family our condolences.”

What happened to Barry Elliott?

The gun community has lost a major supporter. Barry the oldest child of Ernest Milton (Bobby) and Mary (Edith) Hightower Elliott passed away quietly Sat….Ernest Barry “Barry” Elliott.

Birth 11 Mar 1955 Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, USA
Death 12 Apr 2014 (aged 59) Stockbridge, Henry County, Georgia, USA

Who is Eric Blandford?

Eric Blandford of the Iraqveteran8888 YouTube channel. Behind the counter at Moss Pawn and Gun is shooting enthusiast Eric Blandford, usually sporting a baseball cap and smile. However, in his off time Eric also manages one of the most popular shooting channels on YouTube with over 200,000 subscribers.

What is Iraqveteran8888 net worth?

Iraqveteran8888 Net Worth Iraqveteran8888 has an estimated net worth of $1.4 million dollars. Eric generated his money from advertisements and affiliate marketing programs that run on his YouTube channel.

How many subscribers does Hickok45 have?

6.19 million

Location Cheatham County, Tennessee, US
Years active 2007–present
Genre Firearms/Weaponry
Subscribers 6.19 million (July 12, 2021)

Does Hickok45 support the NRA?

The father-and-son duo behind Hickok45, which has more than four million subscribers, announced on Friday that “we can no longer take support from the NRA or continue to use our brand to ask people to join.” They cited reports of financial mismanagement, and said they hoped the organization would rebound.

What is Garand thumb worth?

Garand Thumb has an estimated net worth of about $1.62 million as per the source.

What happened to Hickok45 and NRA?

What is the Hickok45 range?

Channel Hickok45
Location Cheatham County, Tennessee, US
Years active 2007–present
Genre Firearms/Weaponry

Was Garand thumb in the military?

Is Garand Thumb in the military? Although being an active duty military guy, there is not much about his military background. He is a U.S. Air Force veteran. He is a distinguished rifleman #2451 and an NRA high master.

Who is Garand thumbs father?

Travis Haley
Bio: I was definitely born like a normal human being and not grown by my father, Travis Haley, in a vat under his house.

What happened to Barry from iv8888?

A memorial fund has been set up for Barry to help his family pay for his final expenses. Donations are accepted here. Eric released the final episode of “Gun Gripes” as a tribute to Barry today, but promises that the IV8888 channel will continue to go strong.

How did iraqveteran8888 become so popular?

YouTube invited Iraqveteran8888 to become one of the first 50 channels to become part of their new “partners” program – they wanted to place ads on the content. Today Iraqveteran8888 has over 1.8 million subscribers and over 498 million video views.

What happened to Barry the gun guy?

Over time, Eric began to incorporate Barry into the videos, creating episodic content such as Gun Gripes, Firearms Facts and Five Guns which became exceedingly popular. Barry loved being in the videos and brought some additional flair to the channel until his unexpected passing in April 2014.

How many items did YouTubers donate to iraqveteran8888?

She reached out to some of the companies and other YouTubers that have always been supportive of Iraqveteran8888. These companies each donated 5 items to be included in the packages.

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