What happened to Nissa?

What happened to Nissa?

Nissa fell during the combat and awoke as a prisoner of the vampires. They told her that they were hunting the Mortifier, who Nissa mistakenly believed to be Anowon. They carried her for several days, all the while leaving Nissa wondering why they had left her alive before her allies rescued her.

Who are the four demons Liliana made a pact with?

When Liliana planeswalks, she disappears in a cloud of black. After the Mending, she made a pact with four demons—Kothophed, Griselbrand, Razaketh, and Belzenlok—to secure her youth and power.

How does garruk Savage Herald work?

When this beast stomps onto the battlefield, it allows the player to find a Garruk, Savage Herald from the graveyard or library, and put it in their hand. For the cost of +1 loyalty, Garruk lets the player reveal their library’s top card, and if it’s a creature, that card goes right into the player’s hand.

Where is garruk from?

Garruk Wildspeaker
Full Name Garruk Wildspeaker
Origin set Battle for Zendikar
Cost 295

Can garruk be a commander?

Garruk, the Slayer can be your commander.

Are Chandra and Nissa together?

Chandra was originally planned by the Creative team to be a pansexual “hot mess” and eventually be in a relationship with Nissa Revane. However, she was described as a heterosexual who likes “big-muscled manly men” in War of the Spark: Forsaken.

Who did Liliana sell her soul to?

The problem in question was a demon—a powerful demon lord named Kothophed who claimed ownership over her soul. Kothophed, along with three other influential archdemons, entered into a contract with Liliana whereby she would surrender one (1) soul in exchange for enduring necromantic power and long life.

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