What happened to NJOI now?

What happened to NJOI now?

Unfortunately, the Riang Ria Pass, Huan Le Pass and Korean Pack- Pass on NJOI Now has been discontinued. The NJOI Now Syok Syok Pass offers more value as it has than 4,000 hours of entertainment of various genres including Korean, Malay, and Chinese VOD content as well as access to 5 Korean channels.

How do I get satellite signal in Astro beyond?

Check signal level – HD enabled Box

  1. On your remote, press the “HOME” button and the home menu will be displayed at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Navigate to SETTINGS and press “OK”.
  3. Navigate to STB DIAGNOSTICS and press “OK”.
  4. Refer to the signal strength % shown on the top left of your screen.

Is NJOI really free?

Njoi is Malaysia’s first subscription-free satellite TV service. Enjoy selected channels on Astro with only one time payment, no monthly charges! Retail Price is RM399.

What are the channels in Astro NJOI?

NJOI Indian Channels List with Number

Channel Name Channel Number
Colors Hindi HD 116
Astro Vaanavil 201
Astro Vellithirai 202
Makkal TV 203

Can NJOI watch Astro go?

Astro today has announced that the company has rolled out a new user interface for its streaming app, Astro GO. NJOI Now on another hand can be accessed by anyone, even if you don’t subscribe to Astro or own an NJOI box.

Why does NJOI have no signal?

Unplug the HDMI cable from your box and plug it back in securely. Do ensure select the correct TV input. If you are connecting using RCA cable, please unplug the RCA cable from your box and plug it back in securely. Switch on the power for your box and make sure that the adapter’s power light is on.

Why is NJOI signal unavailable?

Why is Astro signal unavailable?

Signal unavailable means your decoder are unable to get the satellite signal from the satellite (so it is not related whether did you subscribe to the channel or not). If it doesn’t work, then the issue could be your satellite dish (could be alignment or LNB or cable) or the decoder is faulty.

Is Astro online free?

No, Astro GO is a free app for Astro customers. Your access to Astro GO will depend on the subscription pack that you are subscribed to.

Why do Astro decoders hang?

If issue remain after the battery replacement, this might be due to a faulty Astro remote. Try changing the channel manually directly from the box front panel (If any). If it’s working, you might need to replace your Astro remote.

How do I get a replacement NJOI card?

Just go to the nearest Customer Service Centre for a new smartcard. RM50 will be charged for the replacement.

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