What happened to otto Wermuth?

What happened to otto Wermuth?

Otto Wermuth became commander of the U-530 in January 1945 and took the boat on what was to become one of the more special patrols of the war. He jettisoned the remaining 5 torpedoes and headed south the Atlantic and surrendered his boat to the Argentinian navy on 10 July 1945 after 130 days at sea (Blair, 1998).

What happened to the crew of u530?

The crew of U-530 were interned. They and the boat were then transferred to the United States. The submarine was sunk as a target on 28 November 1947 by a torpedo from American submarine USS Toro.

How many U boats are still missing?

According to my compilation of U-boat fates by cause some 46 U-boats are now being listed as missing in action during the war. Some were no doubt lost to operational accidents (such as Schorchel failures or hull failure while deep diving) while others were most probably lost to yet-unidentified enemy action. U-1.

What happened to German U boats in Argentina?

And as for Adolf Hitler, the U-boat appears to have left port five days after 1 May 1945, when German radio announced the Fuhrer’s death. U-530 surrendered to the Argentine navy at Mar del Plata on July 10 1945.

Did Argentina participate in ww2?

Argentines in World War II During World War II, 4,000 Argentines served with all three British armed services, even though Argentina was officially a neutral country during the war.

What side was Argentina on in ww2?

Argentina stayed neutral during the whole of World War II, declaring war on Germany only just before its capitulation. To postwar Germans, Argentina was the most desirable destination for middle- and upper-class emigrants next to Switzerland. Many returned after the fall of Peron.

What side was Argentina on in ww1?

1914–1918: Argentina remained neutral during World War I by decision of President Victorino de la Plaza. Hipólito Yrigoyen kept a similar policy. It is considered that staying neutral boosted the Argentine economy. 1919: The Argentine Naval Aviation was established.

Did Mexico fight in ww2?

World War II brought profound changes to Mexico. Mexico became an active belligerent in World War II in 1942 after Germany sank two of its tankers. The Mexican foreign secretary, Ezequiel Padilla, took the lead in urging other Latin American countries to support the Allies as well.

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